break up care package

One of our favorite things about the custom gifts business is finding inspiration in the gifts our customers create. Every so often, someone makes a gift that gives us fantastic insight into how people want to use Knack. That’s exactly what happened with our breakup care package category–one day we got an order from a customer who wanted to send her bestie a little post-breakup pick-me-up. Then we got another one. Then, in a fascinating twist, we received an order for a gift that actually helped the sender put the finishing touches on her own breakup, and we knew these gifts had real potential.

The thing to know if you’re the friend who mends a lot of broken hearts is that breakup gifts are not one size fits all.

If you’re wondering how to help a friend going through a bad breakup, it helps to understand the circumstances so you can show up for moral support while they check out of their own personal heartbreak hotel–after a stop at the Museum of Broken Relationships first, of course.

Here’s what we’ve learned about getting over a breakup from our customers’ breakup gift box ideas–and a little personal experience as well.

5 Unique Break Up Care Packages

  1. The Tantrum & Tonic: There are breakups and then there are BREAKUPS. If you’re on call when that kind of bomb drops, understand that in the height of their theatrics, your pal may not want to feel better right away. In this case, your breakup recovery kit can include goodies to indulge the bitter drama: cocktail supplies, a “Mixed Drinks About Feelings” tea towel, even a solid wooden muddler so they can get some cathartic smashing done without, you know, damaging any personal property. We take no responsibility if that muddler just happens to “accidentally” find its way toward an ex’s prized record collection.

    breakup care package

    Drink Your Feelings Gift Set

  2. The “Where’d We Go Wrong?”: You’ve provided emotional reinforcement through enough of this friend’s breakups to know that they’ve got their healing process down to a science. Help them take things at their own pace (but still let them know you care) with a breakup survival kit they can enjoy during every stage of their recovery. Who said you can’t be methodical in your mourning?

    A custom made breakup survival kit gift

    The 4 Stages Of A Breakup Gift Set

  3. The “My Ego’s Not Crushed, It’s Pulverized”: Somebody’s gotta say it, so we’ll take this one. GIRL. You have got to get back out there. Put the brakes on the pity party and revive your sassy side or, as they say, “put on your big girl panties and get over it.” Oh, and ladies? If you’re a REALLY good friend, you’ll show up at her house with this gift in one hand and a bottle of red wine in the other, and offer to be her wingwoman. Just sayin’.
    A custom made breakup recovery gift

    How To Get Your Groove Back Gift Set

    (Need something a little less cheeky? Try this cute gift to ease back into the scene.)

    A custom made breakup care package

    You’ve Still Got It Gift Set

  4. The Good Long Wallow: The only reason this gift doesn’t come with ice cream is that it’s a total nuisance to ship. We settled for wine in a can instead, which, let’s face it, is equally good fuel for a bout of sobbing in the tub. For a breakup coping strategy that’s straight out of a rom-com, you can’t really go wrong with a gift that lets you sulk as you soak the bad vibes away.

    A custom made breakup recovery kit

    Better Than Therapy Gift Set

  5. The Ghost Hunter: Booo. Ghosting is a ghastly disappointment, but it happens. We like this gift because it’s uniquely suited to please the ghosted and the ghoster. If you’re giving it to the ghosted, the cleansing bath products and Cop-Outs & Alibis book will help decipher and exorcise all those nasty breakup feelings as they try to figure out how their relationship simply evaporated. However, if you’re spooked and can’t be transparent about your relationship’s dead-end, you might just want to send this to yourself so you can disappear without being haunted by guilt. Results may vary, but you’ll smell great.

    A spa-themed breakup gift set

    Squeaky Clean Gift Set

Ready to move on? Browse all of our Bad Breakup Care Packages to start the healing process. 

Have you ever sent (or received) a breakup care package? Did it help? Share your breakup recovery strategies in the comments!