Send A College Care Package Just In Time For Finals

This time of year, we see an uptick in college care packages flying out our doors. College students love to receive care packages year-round (after all, what college student will turn down free food?), but parents in particular tend to send them in early November to arrive just before final exams.

The gift messages on these packages are designed to provide encouragement and to send a gentle reminder – especially to freshmen — that finals are serious business.

What’s In A Great College Care Package?

The recipe for a great college care package is a tried and true one: a combination of food, useful supplies and sentimental items.

  • Snackable food – nuts, granola, dried fruit, chocolate, baked goods, coffee, tea, hot chocolate
  • Useful supplies – desk accessories, water bottles, socks, hair ties, games
  • Sentimental items – these vary but are always super sweet. (We sent out a college care package with a hardcover Goodnight Moon book last week.)

Real-Life Care Package Examples From Parents

So proud of you and all of your accomplishments so far! Hope this package brightens your day.
Love you so much.

College food care package

Click to see inside!

We’re thinking of you as you settle into your new “home away from home.” Lots of love to you!

College fruit and candy care package

Send something similar!

 Sending you goodies to lift your spirits.  See you next Friday. Love you very much! Mom

Food and desk supplies care package

Send a gift just like this one–or customize your own!

Hello lovely! hope you’re having a great time at Miami. I know things are hard right now but it will get better. Can’t wait to see you in a month. Love you and miss you and always thinkin’ of you.

Games and treats college care package

Make a care package like this one!

Real Life Care Package Examples From Friends

But it’s not just parents who send care packages to college students. We see plenty of care packages go between friends, as well. And these can sometimes be slightly more, well…colorful!

HAPPPI (belated) BDAY (name retracted)!! I hope you have the best year at Prov it looks so fun!! Miss you so f#@^ing much and I cannot wait to see you so soon! Hope you enjoy all this yummy food 🙂 ILYSM (name retracted)!!

Peanut butter treats college care package

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To help fuel you through interviews, p sets, and midterms. Miss you already, butt!

Chocolate and coffee college care package

See what’s inside!

Hey lovey, I miss you and hope college is everything you hoped for. Hopefully the people aren’t too liberal. Stay you because ‘you’ is perfect. Much love. Take care babe.

Coloring book and snack college care package

See what’s in this gift!

College Care Package Scheduling Tips

Most large colleges and universities have incoming packages routed to a central processing station rather than being delivered directly to dorm buildings. The processing time between when things arrive in the central location and when they arrive at a dorm can be multiple days.

Some colleges and universities require students to come collect their care packages from a central location rather than having them forwarded on to dorm lobbies.

So depending on the policy of your son or daughter’s school, keep in mind that it make take up to a week for a package to find its way to your student after it’s officially been “received” at their school.