Congratulations to your newest scholar-in-the-making, leaping over scholastic hurdles into the new world of college and life experiences. While he’s academically prepared for the upcoming journey ahead, we’re sure he could use a variety of gifts to ensure his new endeavor into adulthood is full of goodies along the way. Yet, as easy as it sounds, we know how difficult shopping for a college student can truly be!

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Consider us your one-stop shopping experience destined to please your college student and give you the satisfaction of knowing your buys were a home run! Fortunately for you shoppers, these customizable, fun, and extremely functional gifts make perfect care packages for students of various ages and interests. Read on to learn how to pick out the right gift for your scholar.

The Top Gifts Every College Student Needs (and Actually Wants)

An Excellent Point

Stationery Moleskine Paper Games Gift Set

An Excellent Point

While showing up to class is the first step to success, preparation is a direct second! There’s nothing worse than showing up to a lecture without the necessary supplies. Not only does this artistic compilation scream success, but it remedies the fear of misplacing your trusty number two pencil. This sophisticated gift set comes with a full set of 12 Palomino Blackwing 602 pencils, credited with brilliant masterpieces and fondly admired for its “Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed” reputation.

Aside from writing utensils, this collection includes a pencil sharpener to ensure his pencils are always on point, a creative stack of pencil and paper games to keep the gears in his mind turning, and a hardcover notebook to jot down his genius ideas. Of course, these original items come ready to gift in a dashing box complete with blank stationery.

Alphabet Rubber Stamp Kit

Vintage Alphabet Stamp Kit

Alphabet Stamp Kit

Nothing screams creativity and an obvious knack for art quite like your own stamp kit! This simple gift will have your student breaking the handwritten mold and expressing his individuality. This creative, vintage-inspired craft tool is sure to give your child’s projects an extra touch of personality and make sure his crafts are anything but ordinary.

A surefire hit on any artistic project, this stamp set includes 26 letters and 4 punctuation marks. To ensure that your stamps are secure and well-organized, the pieces come neatly placed in an antique-style box.

Hit The Road, Jack

Jack Black Grooming Supplies GIft

Hit The Road, Jack

The stress of college can quickly impede on a decent hygiene routine and inspire all manner of excuses, but “I’m out of soap!” shouldn’t be one of them. Jack Black’s grooming products will transform him from “ooh-la-leave me alone” to “ooh-la-la”! The gift components in this “Hit The Road Jack” collection are the secret to keeping his looks as outstanding as his grades. Thanks to the three-in-one All-Over Wash, the Face Buff Energizing Scrub with menthol and Vitamin C, and an Intense Therapy Lip Balm with SPF 25, he can savor a break from his hectic scholastic schedule and enjoy a moment of cleansing relaxation. Now, if he would only do his laundry…

The Complete Cookout

Portable Camp Stove Gift Set

The Complete Cookout

No college experience would be complete without cookouts with the boys! However, it can be a little tedious for him to procure a grill, let alone find ample space for the glorious amenity that will no doubt become a staple in a college boy’s meal preparation. Fortunately, this portable stove is always ready for action. Additionally, this camp-ready set includes a wooden fork, spoon, and spatula along with a small knife and grater in a weather-resistant sheath! Passing up this incredibly convenient and easy-to-use stove for the budding grill master would no doubt be a “missed-steak.” Speaking of steak, the Rub With Love Ancho & Molasses BBQ Sauce is bound to become his favorite secret ingredient. 

The Carnivore’s Delight

Barbecue Lover's Gift Set

The Carnivore’s Delight

Besides cooking assistance, growing boys need adequate brain food and quality flavors to boost their studying habits and promote a balanced diet. Meat eaters, look no further! This mouthwatering gift set will have him salivating until the cows come home in the shape of a juicy burger. If the four “Rub With Love” spice and seasoning rubs, gourmet mustard fit for a king, and bacon balsamic dressing aren’t enough to convince you that this is the perfect gift, rest assured that the set’s comical “I Like Big Butts” tea towel is sure to have you and your gift recipient grinning from ear-to-ear.

The Ultimate Care Package

Gourmet Care Package Gift Set

The Ultimate Care Package

College can be a pricey experience that often calls for too many nights in and endless stashes of Top Ramen and cheap soup. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to this diet disaster with the diverse and delicious Ultimate Care Package. With a combination of sweet, salty, chewy, and crunchy treats, this care package is sure to satisfy every common craving all in one. This snack basket features Sweet Treats’ Coconut Brownie Quartet, Rain City Crunch Granola Snack Pack, a Tom Bumble Candy Bar, Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Almonds, Gourmet Snacking Nuts, and Gourmet KuKuRuZa Popcorn. Who said snacks couldn’t be as fancy as a meal?

Delicious Trio of Cookies

The Essential Baking Co. Assorted Cookie Trio

Assorted Cookie Trio

Of course, no snack is too small for a hungry college student. To quote a certain lovable sweets monster, “C is for cookie, and that’s good enough for me!” It’s difficult for a student to have a stressful day with two scrumptious baked goods in his hands. Some believe that chocolate is a delicious cure for stress, so help him relax with a chocolate chip cookie (or several). We highly recommend this trio of baked goods from Seattle’s Essential Baking Company to see students through their sometimes-stressful college experience. Available 3 to a box, these cookies are the perfect way to reward your college boy for a job well done while giving him the extra dose of sugar he desperately needs to power through another day on campus!

Hammock & Chill

Hammock & Snacks Gift Set

Hammock & Chill

Nothing can be more draining than a prolonged week of studying to finish off a stellar semester. However, you can encourage him to use the little time he has to himself to regain all this expelled energy. It’s almost as if a “nap on the go” could remedy a variety of exhausting problems. Well, look no further. The Hammock and Chill gift set brings the coveted lifestyle of luxurious napping and relaxation directly to you! Complete with a hammock that screams comfort and ease, this purchase also includes a 12 oz MiiR beverage tumbler for his favorite beverage in addition to Sea Salt Virginia Peanuts and Theo Chocolate’s giant Big Daddy Marshmallows. This hammock can comfortably fit two people; ideal for an outdoor date night for your student and his darling crush.

Game Night Starter Kit

Cards Against Humanity Game Night GIft

Game Night Starter Kit

Not every student embraces the epic college experience of far too many drinks, adventures, and hazier-than-usual memories. The easygoing student might prefer to ditch the night owls and enjoy a smaller, at-home gathering with his closest friends. This gift set includes the blush-worthy Cards Against Humanity, the card game that lets everyone unleash their most irreverent sense of humor, and a bag of gourmet popcorn to encourage players to sit back, relax, and enjoy the evening. For an extra dose of game night sweetness, this gift also includes a jar of milk chocolates.

Cold Brew & Mason Jar Kit

Cold Brew Coffee Mason Jar Gift

Cold Brew Coffee & Mason Jar

It’s inevitable–there will be countless nights in which your boy will be up cramming last-minute information into his brain merely hours before an exam. The good news is that you can give him a fighting chance against the relentless sleep deprivation of finals week. This overnight DIY coffee gift will help your student brew cold brew coffee to his liking, and is sure to have him ready to rock his exam and take on the day. In the gruesome and tedious 12+ hours used to fill his brain with knowledge, your student will have had plenty of time to steep his miracle drink before enjoying its caffeinated goodness.

More Care Package Ideas For Him

We know shopping for kids, let alone adults embarking on the world of change, is often a challenge! However, we’re confident one of these gifts will suit your intentions and jumpstart your student’s success from the inside and out! If you’re looking for even more ideas, have a look at our popular college care packages here