Holiday Gifts For Anyone, Made Easy

You’ve checked family gifts off your list, and can find a Christmas gift for any coworker with confidence. Now all that stands between you and a stress-free holiday season are the trickiest gifts of all: presents for people who have everything,  minimalists who don’t want anything, and people you don’t know or, frankly, don’t even like. Here are our top foolproof holiday gifts for anyone–no matter how impossible it feels now, follow our tips to complete your gift list once and for all.

Unique Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything:

custom gift builderMaybe this person is of the “love it, buy it” mentality–they spot a cool product and snap it up before even thinking about dropping a hint for their would-be gifter. Maybe they’re such a distinctive personality that everyone knows exactly what to give them every year, risking repetitive gifts and eventual gift-giver burnout. Appeal to this person’s unique streak with gifts that are more than what they seem on the surface, or gifts that give back to a greater cause.

Gifts That Give Back: Give a gift with impact. Every product in our “gives back” collection is created by merchants who strive to pay it forward in their communities, both local and global. We especially love Metamorphic Gear’s one-of-a-kind dopp kits and tote bags made from upcycled sails and climbing ropes. 1% of every sale benefits ocean conservation and cleanup efforts around the world. 


Gifts With A (Helluva) Story: They may have everything, but are they up to date on the latest bestsellers? A book-themed gift keeps things fresh for the person who has everything, especially if you pick a new release. Help them dig into the inspiring biography of history’s most famous Renaissance man with Walter Isaacson’s Leonardo Da Vinci, or dazzle them with an intense spy drama with John Le Carre’s A Legacy of Spies. A few add-on items make these literary gift sets extra special and completely unique.

Unique Gifts For Someone Who Doesn’t Want Anything:

When someone says, “Oh, I don’t want anything this year,” it almost never means “show up empty-handed and don’t even send a card,” so you’re not off the hook for a great gift. Instead, identify why they don’t want anything–are they about to leave town for a year of travel? More interested in spending quality time with friends and family? A KonMari devotee, unwilling to cling to anything that doesn’t spark joy? If you can identify the reason for your gift recipient’s reticence, you’ll be able to assemble a gift they’ll find truly meaningful.

Gifts For The Nomad: If your beloved jet-setter isn’t interested in acquiring more stuff, help them plan ahead with a gift they can take on the road (or use in their tiny house). This Quick Refresh Kit includes travel-size toiletries that are super gentle on skin, and a waterproof dopp kit so distinctive, there’s no way they’ll misplace it in the hostel.

travel toiletries gift for anyone

Quick Refresh Kit

Gifts For The Experience-Seeker: How many of us have ever given gift cards or stacks of handmade coupons to that hard-to-buy-for person, only to have them go unused? If what your recipient really wants is quality time with loved ones, our bestselling Sunday Morning Pancakes gift set holds the promise of a cozy morning, delicious food, and all their favorite people in one place.  

pancake mix gift for anyone

Sunday Morning Pancakes Gift Set

Gifts For The Minimalist: With this gift, think “quality over quantity” and you’ll never go wrong. Unless they’re a truly hardcore minimalist, your recipient probably won’t mind receiving a few items, as long as they’re carefully chosen and of exceptional quality. This “Beauty Sleep” set contains select products that are a joy to use, like Olivine Atelier’s Amongst The Waves Lotion, a tiny rose-scented soy wax candle, and the most blissfully silky eye mask made with activated charcoal and organic cotton. The gift within a gift here, of course, is a full night of deep, luxurious sleep–perhaps the best present of all.

eye mask, candle, lotion gift set

Beauty Sleep Giftlet

Gifts For People You Don’t Know–Or Don’t Like: 

It doesn’t happen very often, but you may have to find a gift for someone you barely know, or don’t particularly like. A plate of milk and cookies won’t cut it for this mystery recipient, so you’ll have to get creative! It’s best if you can find out a little bit about them (say, your partner’s aunt only drinks red wine, or your new neighbor is an avid gardener), but if you can’t sleuth ahead of time, here are our best seasonal gifts for anyone, no matter how you really feel about them.

The Grids & Guides Notebook: It’s gender-neutral, interesting, and useful. This notebook is one that absolutely anyone can use around the house, at the office, or in class. Even if they’re not much of a journaler, they’re bound to find the additional charts and infographics fascinating.

grids & guides notebook gift for anyone

Grids & Guides Notebook

Caramel Apple Cheer: This set makes a terrific fall hostess gift or cold weather present for anyone, as long as you know that sweets are a safe bet.

caramel apple themed gift for anyone

Caramel Apple Cheer Gift Set

Black Tie: Candles have been written off in some circles as careless or lazy gifts. But we’re with Vogue on this one–sometimes a candle just suits the occasion better than anything else, making them one of the ultimate nice and neutral gifts for anyone. They can be simple or indulgent, politely impersonal or enthusiastically intimate, often come in recyclable, reusable containers, and can be the finishing touch on a gift that might otherwise feel incomplete. See how pretty this Prosperity Candle “Gratitude” candle looks next to a petite bottle of Prosecco? Now, who wouldn’t love that?

candle & prosecco gift for anyone

Black Tie Gift Set

What are some of your most pressing holiday gifting conundrums? We’re on call to help with every “what do I give my….?” situation you can possibly dream up–phone us, chat us on, or find gifts for anyone with help from our free gift concierge!

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