Some of the most cringeworthy gift-related memories don’t involve a gift at all…because you forgot. Perhaps you let the time get away from you, didn’t put the occasion in your calendar, or just completely had the date wrong–hey, it happens. But it doesn’t have to!

Do any of these faux pas sound familiar?

  • You were the only parent who forgot to send your college freshman a care package during their first month of classes. You just moved your second child into the dorms last week, and you’re not going to make the same mistake twice.

We have an easy way to bypass these gift-giving hiccups that doesn’t involve hiring a personal assistant: our future delivery date feature.

You can create a gift as soon as the impulse strikes or when it’s convenient, schedule your desired arrival date right from your cart, and check out quickly. We’ll handle the rest.

Even if your gift-giving occasion falls days, weeks, or months from the time you place your order, we’ll keep track and make sure your gift arrives at its destination exactly when you need it to. With just a few simple clicks, you can lock down your reputation as a timely, thoughtful gift giver and no one will be any the wiser. That way, you’ll look like the hero–which is, after all, everything we want for you.

When else can our future delivery date feature come to the rescue?

  • You’ll be traveling for work for the next two months and have to miss your favorite niece’s 13th birthday. Make her gift now, and you can schedule it to arrive at her doorstep around the same time you touch down in Copenhagen.
  • Your cousin just closed on his first house! He’s planning an epic move-in party/New Year’s Eve bash, but last time you went to one of his “housewarmings,” you had to help move his couch up 3 flights of stairs. Skip this one, but send a boozy congrats ahead of time instead.

custom gift builderWe almost hate to be the ones to remind you of this, but we’re hurtling toward the holidays. This year though, you have an edge on all the other gift givers: pick a weekend, spend a little time going over your naughty or nice lists, and get your holiday shopping done in one go. Schedule a future delivery date for any gift you make, and we’ll build and ship them almost* anywhere you want! Spokane? Boston? St. Paul, Minnesota? Your gifts are as good as there.

Knack customer Nancy Rogers has fully embraced the “Future Delivery Date” lifestyle. She says,

I made this gift for my favorite cousin Jane, to gently remind her that THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! I included a can of sour pumpkins for Halloween, a Thanksgiving table cracker–she hosts a ‘misfits Thanksgiving feast’ every year–and two spearmint candy sticks because they come in Jane’s signature color! Plus, I added two chillable wine glasses she can take into the hot tub year-round.

Thanks to Nancy’s planning, Jane should have no trouble getting into the holiday spirit.


*We can ship anywhere in the United States. If you need your gifts to go any further afield, you’ll have to look for a very athletic carrier pigeon, for now.