Unique Food Gifts To Send To Friends, Family, And The Office 

Does your office mark time by how many baskets of cookies, fudge, candy, nuts, and fruit arrive during the holidays? Do your long-distance family members look forward to the abundance of fresh pears you send, without fail, every Christmas? Food gifts will never go out of style–not as long as you can put caramel on popcorn, that is–but with all the custom gift sets to choose from, savvy gifters know that there’s an art to choosing a selection that everyone will love.

Here’s our favorite tip for gourmet gifts that stand out: the best unique food gifts to send to business partners, clients, and friends don’t come in baskets anymore.

We don’t have to tell you that a gift of artisanal food and beverages will go over well at the office–after all, edible treats are easy to share, easy to send by mail, and easy to customize for groups of any size. No need to worry about how to wrap these food gifts, either–we handle that for you!

Check out our top unique food gifts to send to anyone this season:

Food gifts by theme:

If you don’t want to send an entire smorgasbord of snacks, consider creating a food gift around a theme. This helps tie the gift together and makes it easy to follow one of our favorite food gifting tips: include a non-consumable item your recipient can use long after they’ve eaten all their treats. 

The Carnivore’s Delight: For grilling enthusiasts and sauce aficionados, this is the gift for those who like their meals juicy, smoky, falling-off-the-bone…and wrapped in bacon. 

BBQ lover's gift

The Carnivore’s Delight Gift Set

We Adore S’mores: A great food gift to send to a family. If it’s too cold to make s’mores outdoors, well, there’s always the fireplace. 

Make your own s'mores gift set

We Adore S’mores Gift Set

Kids’ Holiday Hot Cocoa Gift Set: More than a few steps up from powdered hot cocoa! Little ones love stirring these melty chocolate blocks into a cup of hot milk for a perfect, rich hot chocolate.

hot chocolate gift for kids

Kids’ Holiday Hot Cocoa Gift Set

Food gifts for groups:

A generous selection of gourmet food is a great choice if you’re sending it to a group for the holidays.

The Land of Sweets Gourmet Assortment: Perfect for the season, and ALMOST as good as a plate of homemade cookies from Mom. Our gift concierges have personally selected special holiday treats like Theo Chocolates’ seasonal chocolate bars, KuKuRuZa’s gourmet Christmas popcorn, and CiCi’s Handmade Italian Cookies.

holiday gourmet food gift

The Land of Sweets Gourmet Assortment

Giant Gourmet Feast: Feeding a crowd? This Giant Gourmet Feast gift ensures that there’s plenty for everyone. We’ve included crunchy snacks, savory dips, desserts and confections that are perfect for sharing with an office.

giant gourmet food assortment gift

Giant Gourmet Assortment

Festive Gourmet Assortment: A smaller, but no less delicious, alternative to the Giant Gourmet Feast. This set features savory snacks like Olli Salumeria’s salami samplers, Bunches & Bunches Shorties Shortbread Cookies, and Dardimans California dehydrated fruit crisps.

festive holiday food selection gift

Festive Gourmet Assortment

Food gifts by price:

The easiest way to find the gift you want, at the right price. See some of our favorite picks below.

Under $50: Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Cranberry Citrus Scone Set, Italian S Cookies Gift Set

$50-100: Sunday Morning Pancakes, Holiday Sweets Collection, Caramel Apple Cheer

$100+: Artisanal Snacks & Sweets, Let’s Get Scone’d, Seattle Coffee Crush Gift Set

Bonus! Wine gift ideas:

Provided your recipients enjoy wine (and shipping restrictions don’t prevent you from sending wine legally!) wine gifts are a great, creative spin on a food-themed gift.

Sake Starter Set: Tired of showing up with a wine bag and a bottle of red that doesn’t go with your host’s menu? Think outside the box with this ultimate guide to sake. This collection includes a sake book, set of sake cups and glass decanter, and a bottle of smooth Tokubetsu Junmai Sake. (Sure, this might not go with that night’s menu either, but you’ll probably be invited back for sushi!)

ultimate sake gift set

Sake Starter Set

Modern Champagne Toast: Bubbles are always a festive choice. This gift of champagne and champagne flutes dotted with gold accents is a great choice to give well into the new year.

Champagne flutes and champagne gift

Modern Champagne Toast

Brian Carter Cellars Duo & Gourmet Caramels: Can’t decide between red wine and white? No need to choose! This gift includes two tried-and-true favorite Washington wines from Brian Carter Cellars and a box of gourmet caramels from Fran’s Chocolates.

Brian Carter Cellars red wine & white wine with caramels gift

Brian Carter Cellars Duo & Gourmet Caramels

Want to see more gourmet gift ideas? Check out our entire selection on KNACKSHOPS.COM, including gifts for special diets, like food gifts for vegans and gluten-free food gift boxes (we have nut-free and certified Kosher food gifts as well!).