Company Gifts for Employees Are a Worthwhile Investment

At Knack, we believe there’s always a reason to gift… but when it comes to business gifting, there are even more reasons to show your appreciation. Our Business Gift Satisfaction Report shows that employee gifts are a worthwhile investment because it helps with retention and overall job satisfaction. Whether that’s for new hires, anniversaries, birthdays, or achievements, employee appreciation gifts are a great way to make your team feel valued. Read on to find out more and get some unique employee gift ideas of your very own.

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Why Employee Gifts Matter:

  1. Employee gifts can make employees feel noticed and valued. 81% of employees who responded to our survey say they feel appreciated when they receive gifts from their employer, and 56% feel recognized for doing a good job. These gestures can positively influence an employee’s perspective of their employer, which can go a long way toward boosting morale and creating a thriving workplace. Have a look at our collection of top employee appreciation gifts gifts for ideas.
  2. The right employee gift idea can make employees feel more connected to the company and more likely to want to stay. Among the employees who reported receiving a “very memorable” gift—one clearly chosen thoughtfully, just for them—45% said that the experience made them feel more loyal to the company and more likely to want to work there longer. That’s why it’s important to put thought into an employee recognition or an employee appreciation gift. When employee recognition or employee appreciation gifts are given as a practice of gratitude and appreciation, the sincere effort shows—business gift recipients can always tell when a gift is given out of obligation or necessity!Shop For Meaningful Employee Gifts Button
  3. Employee gifts for junior staff can help increase job satisfaction and loyalty. A word to the wise gift giver: C-Level, Director, and Manager staff were likely to report finding their gifts “very satisfying” and “memorable” but junior staff were often less pleased with their gifts. Given the reports that a thoughtful gift can make employees feel more connected to their employer and the company at large, invested gifters would do well to not only consider consider employee gifts for junior staff and entry level talent, but also put thought into those gifts. (This is another opportunity to practice one of our favorite tips: give a gift that aligns with shared values to make it even more meaningful to your recipient.)
  4. Employees know that company swag is not a gift! Though a great business gift can showcase your brand and your company’s mission and values, branding the gift with logos or giving generic swag is a surefire way to disappoint some recipients. While you might want to give a logoed gift (think travel/coffee mugs and tote bags) for recruiting events, new employee welcome packages, corporate events and company meetings, take care not to brand any gift for a more personal occasion, like birthdays, important business milestones, and holidays. Logoed gifts are 60% less likely to be considered memorable than non-logoed gifts, and many recipients admit they’d sooner re-gift a branded item.
  5. Across the board, there’s room to improve! 52% of people we surveyed did not consider their last gift from an employer “very memorable.” The good news is, it’s not that difficult to give gifts that are ‘more awe, less blah’. As the gifting experts, Knack helps companies curate unique, thoughtful gifts for employees. Read the case studies below to find out how these three different companies use employee appreciation gifts to make their team feel special.

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How 3 Different Companies Went Above & Beyond With Their Employee Gifts

Case Study 1: Employee Gifts & the Executive Retreat

A business manager from a Northwest tech company approached us with a special request: could we add an additional item to the employee gifts she’d created for an executive retreat? Absolutely–customization is our specialty, after all.

The business manager assembled a gift with artisanal products, some of which are only available at She paired them with a bottle of fine Washington wine, a handblown stemless wine glass from DECICIO Artisan Glass, a stylish corkscrew, and a few snacks like gourmet popcorn and cocktail peanuts. The finishing touch was a  special book chosen to complement the retreat’s theme—Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. 

Assembly and delivery couldn’t have been simpler. The business manager sent us the books and wine to pack, and we shipped the completed gifts directly to the lodge where the meeting was held. Sixteen gifts (including a specially customized one for the General Manager) were distributed to the participants, who enjoyed a successful, productive strategy meeting. 

Case Study 2: Showstopping Employee Gifts

A wealth management firm contacted us in search of showstopping, high-end gifts to thank their employees for a successful year. Since they wanted to give something unique to several dozen employees, we helped our contact at the firm create four distinctive gift styles that featured products the recipients would truly cherish—each and every one fit our “give unique and useful gifts” motto.

The products weren’t the only thing that made these gifts special. The company had the gifts shipped to their office across the country, where they personally distributed them to each recipient. Most importantly, each gift contained a completely customized (and often bilingual) message for the employee thanking them for their hard work and the value they added to the company, and encouraging them to enjoy the holidays–it was the final thoughtful detail on an exceptionally meaningful gift.

Case Study 3: Employee Gifts to Show Gratitude

An organization in the Pacific Northwest wanted to send gifts to a select group of colleagues and friends to show their gratitude for a supportive year. We helped them choose items from small, women-owned businesses that support philanthropy and sustainability, some of this company’s key missions.

The gift messages to their recipients shared the story behind each gift item and explained how the products aligned with the company’s mission and values. They emphasized how each product represented an essential facet of the business, and how the gift, as a whole, reflected the relationship between the company and each recipient. It was a celebration of independent, women-led businesses, sustainable craftsmanship, and fruitful collaboration that resulted in a beautiful and meaningful gift.

Inspired? Download our Employee Gifting Research Report to read more about improving your employee gifting strategy. Looking for more employee gift ideas? Get in touch.  We’ll help you create perfect gifts for boosting employee morale, including employee gifts for the holiday season, employee recognition gifts, and employee appreciation gifts.

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