This is it–your chance to get your girlfriend’s birthday gift absolutely right this year. As her beau, it’s important for you to learn her likes, dislikes, and “birthday rules” to help make her special day a perfect one. Maybe she doesn’t go in for fancy parties but a cozy breakfast in bed is her idea of bliss–or perhaps she spends weeks planning the festivities and needs an excuse for some R & R to get ready for the big day.

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No matter what her favorite way to celebrate might be, make sure you’re prepared to surprise her with the best gift for her personality. Find birthday gifts inspired by her love of rosé or ice cream sundaes, her penchant for pancakes and coffee, or her favorite hobbies: gardening and happy hour. She’ll be thrilled with your choices and impressed by how well you’ve paid attention to the things that make her happy–and you get to bask in the glory of giving her the best birthday present ever.


Fabre En Provence Rosé & Cooling Tumblers

Rose Wine & Stemless Glasses

Fabre En Provence Rose & Cooling Tumblers

The only thing better than a wine night for one is a wine night for two, one with abundant refills and conversations that continue until the wee hours of the morning. A great rosé is the perfect choice for a celebratory evening, so surprise the birthday girl with a bottle of Fabre En Provence’s Cru Classé Rosé and two HOST Cooling Tumblers. This fresh, sippable rosé from the south of France is a blend of Syrah, Cinsault, and Grenache punctuated with notes of strawberry and white peach. Bring it to the right temperature with the HOST tumblers–after merely an hour or so in the freezer, the gel inside the glasses will be cold enough to chill your wine as you sip and whisper sweet nothings to each other.

Just Breathe

Herbivore Spa and Paddywax Candle gift for her

Just Breathe

This year, ensure your love is properly spoiled for her birthday. This “Just Breathe” gift set is nothing short of a trip to the spa in the comfort of your own tub; relaxation and rejuvenation have never been easier! These all-natural spa essentials from Herbivore Botanicals and Paddywax Candles will elevate her mood from stressed to “What, me worry?” in a matter of moments. She’ll feel pampered with the tropical fragrance and skin-soothing qualities of Herbivore’s Coconut Milk Bath Soak and Coconut Sea Salt Mist for hair and body, and Paddywax’s Urban Concrete Amber & Smoke soy wax candle adds luxurious ambiance. This gift set includes a set of miniature matches and a natural sea sponge loofah for gentle exfoliation. Using this gift is sure to be a ritual she’ll indulge in again and again.

Daily Detox

Herbivore Botanicals detox cleansing gift set

Daily Detox

A busy career and even busier social life can make time to unwind feel even more special. Help your girlfriend add a little more tranquility to her daily life with a gift set of natural products that will leave her radiant. The Daily Detox gift set features Herbivore Botanicals’ phenomenal Detox Bath Salts made with blue clay, eucalyptus, and Dead Sea Salt for a purifying yet gentle soak. Follow it with the Bamboo Charcoal Bar Soap and Jasmine Body Oil; the soap gently cleanses impurities and the body oil hydrates skin for a vibrant glow. She’ll be sure to think of you fondly every time she freshens up with these soothing skincare gifts.

Sunday Morning Pancakes

Seattle pancakes gift set

Sunday Morning Pancakes

Wake her up with this scrumptious breakfast in bed gift set (along with plenty of smiles, kisses, and bear hugs). Washington’s Salish Lodge buttermilk pancake mix is a decadent way to start your birthday girl’s day with a delicious meal. This mouthwatering set includes pancake mix, Woodinville Whiskey Co.’s barrel-aged maple syrup, and Seven Coffee Roasters’ whole bean coffee roasted in Seattle (so you KNOW it’s good!). Surprise her with this box of breakfast goodies, then cook up a homemade breakfast with your special touch; add berries, chocolate chips, whipped cream, or sprinkles to the pancakes to make it a birthday morning worth remembering.

Brownies A La Mode

Brownies ice cream sundae gift set

Brownies A La Mode

If your girlfriend prefers frozen sweets over birthday cake, surprise her with everything she’ll need to celebrate with ice cream sundaes. Put the finishing touch on her perfect birthday with this Brownies A La Mode gift set, a mouthwatering collection that includes three ceramic “ice cream cone bowls” for an adorable way to enjoy scoop after scoop of her favorite flavor. Mix up a sweet concoction with decadent sea salt brownie bites from The Essential Baking Company and swirls of small-batch dark chocolate sauce from Hot Cakes–bring your own ice cream to complete this indulgent treat.

 Indoor Herb Garden Trio

Indoor herb garden growing kit gift

Indoor Herb Garden Trio

If she sports a green thumb and takes immense pride in her ability to revive even the feeblest plants, she’ll love the opportunity to nurture an indoor herb garden. This gift set showcases three delicious fresh herbs, all easily planted in “Grow Bottles” crafted from upcycled restaurant wine bottles. This kit comes equipped with everything she’ll need to plant basil, mint, and thyme that can be used for cooking and brewing teas. The soil-less mix, wool wick, plant nutrient, cork coaster, and detailed directions for growing make this botanical gift a breeze to set up, ensuring fresh, ready-to-harvest herbs in a matter of weeks!

Home Grown Mojito

Mojito cocktail mint growing kit

Home Grown Mojitos

If she loves a good mojito but is less keen on the price tag of a few rounds of cocktails, help keep the party going at home with her own mojito-in-the-making kit. This gift ensures that she’ll be able to muddle up her signature mint mojitos any time she pleases in only a matter of weeks–about as much time as it takes for a fresh mint plant to sprout. This creative gift features a mint “Grow Bottle” along with a professional-grade wooden muddler and 20 oz mixing glass with a spout that make it almost TOO easy to craft a much-needed, homemade mojito. Aside from the nifty repurposed wine bottle holder, the kit includes mint seeds, soil-less mix, wool wick, plant nutrient, cork coaster, and thorough directions for growing. She’ll love the chance to nurture her own little garden right from the kitchen or a sunny windowsill–especially with such a delicious reward in store!

Battle Of Wits

Cards Against Humanity game canned wine gift

Battle of Wits

This gift is sure to make any celebration interesting–use it as an icebreaker, or bring it out once the party is rollicking and revelers are ready to get to know each other better. Settle in for a few rounds of the thrilling party game Cards Against Humanity to reveal the deepest, darkest twists of your partygoers’ personalities and get people bonding. Since it’s not a proper party without snacks, put a fun twist on the evening’s edibles with a bag of KuKuRuZa’s Tuxedo caramel popcorn drizzled with milk and white chocolate, and two cans–yes, cans!–of Union Wine Co. pinot noir. Don’t knock it til you try it; these 375 mL cans of pinot noir are tasty, fun, and perfect for parties, especially if the birthday girl is not a big fan of beer!

Khadi Cotton Scarf

Handmade Indian Khadi cotton scarf

Khadi Cotton Scarf

If she’s fashion-forward and eco-conscious, dress up her wardrobe with one of these beautiful scarves that help make a positive social impact. She’ll look and feel fabulous with a Bloom & Give handmade scarf draped around her shoulders; these sustainable wraps are great for layering for warmth or wearing as a stylish accessory. Plus, these handcrafted scarves have a story she’ll love: every unique piece is handspun in India by women textile artisans, and 50% of the proceeds from each scarf benefit education programs for women and girls. She may swear up and down that she doesn’t need new clothes, but don’t let that stop you from surprising her with this Khadi cotton scarf or a classic cashmere pashmina. After all, who doesn’t love a new birthday outfit–especially one that she can wear endless ways for years to come?

Want More Gift Ideas For Her?

With such an array of gifts and treats to choose from, we’re confident that your girlfriend will feel utterly loved and lavished on her birthday (and you’ll walk away looking like her gift hero!). Don’t see exactly what you want? Browse other gifts for her that you can customize until they suit her perfectly.