Does The C-Suite Love Your Branded Business Gift?

There are myriad reasons why people give. There are also multiple reasons why the recipients either adore or shrug off your gift – or worse yet, consider it an insult. Even in a business setting.

For example, in some cultures, a gift of a clock is considered to be a harbinger of death, while a knife severs your relationship. But even if you’re well-versed in cultural gifting faux pas, there may be one error that you continue to make in the business arena, namely, giving business gifts that sport your company logo.

To connect with employees, associates and even those in the C-Suite, should you give a branded business gift, or should you completely avoid them?

Do Gifts Really Shape Peoples’ Opinions? 

While it’s tempting to think that a gift is a gift is a gift, what you give to your colleagues and C-Suite partners truly matters. According to the Business Gift Satisfaction Report, some 57 percent of respondents said that “gifts can impact their opinion of a business partner both positively and negatively.”

C-Suite executives are some of the most appreciative recipients that you will find in the corporate world. While they might seem like the classic people who have everything, they’re actually the most likely to be touched by a personal and memorable gift.

Choosing What to Send to the C-Suite 

However, even though the C-Suite is appreciative, they have deeply held and sometimes confusing opinions about the gifts that they receive. This is particularly relevant when it comes to giving a gift that is emblazoned with a company logo. According to the Business Gift Satisfaction Report, gifts with company logos are most likely to be rated “not preferred” or “least preferred” when it comes to the full spectrum of business gifting. Those who received logoed business gifts were 21 percent less likely to feel appreciated.

There’s a catch, though. Some of the C-Suite does appreciate gifts that sport a logo. In fact, a full quarter of those surveyed believe that adding a logo increases the value of a gift.

Who likes a logoed gift? The appeal of logoed gifts declines as people age. Young men are most likely to enjoy logoed gifts, particularly if the gift itself is valuable to the recipient. If the company’s logo is engaging and the individual enjoys the company’s brand, the gift recipient is more likely to enjoy a branded gift.

Businesses Are Moving Away From Logoed Gifts 

Today, many corporations are moving away from logoed gifts. It’s just not a reliable choice for C-Suite partners.

A gift is something that is personal and memorable. An effective gift speaks to the relationship that you share with your partner, colleague, or employee. For some, adding a logo can take away from the feeling of personalization. Instead, it feels like everyone has received the same item just because they work for that company.

In Forbes, one respondent put this succinctly:

“I enjoy buying & giving business gifts. I enjoy getting them, too. Having said that, I have far too many pieces of (#$($* with my employer’s logo on them.” 

A gift with a logo on it does not always feel like a gift; instead, it feels like a company is asking you to advertise for them. Many C-Suite executives say thanks but no thanks, and that’s been enough to tip the balance in favor of non-branded gifts. Only 35 percent of recipients reported receiving gifts with logos on them last year.

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