There’s a lot to be optimistic about in 2021, but we’re still not quite out of the weeds when it comes to the pandemic ending and the business world going back to “normal”. That leaves businesses on the hook to keep employees and clients engaged in a virtual world for a little while longer. Looking for ideas for how to connect with your employees, clients, and partners while we wait out social distancing? Keep reading to see how top companies are making it work with gifting. Need immediate help with your business gifts? Get in touch here.

Company: Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb

Why They Connected With Knack: Craig Goldenfarb’s law firm was searching for corporate gifts via internet search and they landed on Knack’s business gifting web page where they used Knack’s Interactive Gift Planner. Goldenfarb gifts quarterly to their referral partners to show gratitude and appreciation for sharing positive feedback about the law firm. Traditionally, they’d gather for ice cream or send steaks and wine. But because of the pandemic in 2020, they wanted to do something a little different. Additionally, Goldenfarb was intrigued with Knack’s exclusive video messaging feature where customers can include a video message with their gift.

The Ask: Goldenfarb needed 53 gifts for their referral partners. The gifts needed to have a distinct wow factor to sincerely show their appreciation during a tough year.

The Gifting Solution: Goldenfarb loved the Take a Breather gift set because it had the perfect combination of items that could be used and enjoyed every day and items that could be enjoyed immediately. The set includes a specialty wine carafe with a decanting nozzle designed to speed up the wine breathing process. To make the wine tasting experience complete, the set also included two stemless wine glasses and decadent chocolate truffles. Goldenfarb also took advantage of the video message option Knack offers. They recorded a special, funny video from their founder, Crag Goldenfarb aka “Santa”. Gift recipients were prompted to view the video via a QR code on the gift’s message card. Watch the Goldenfarb video below.

Results: Goldenfarb clients loved their gifts! And the video message was the cherry on top—just the comic relief they needed during a hard pandemic holiday season.

Company: Peloton

Why They Connected With Knack: Peloton loved that Knack works with small and minority-owned businesses because they wanted to go beyond gift items branded with their logo.

The Ask: Keeping their employees safe was a number one priority for Pelton, so they wanted to use gifts as a way to encourage their team to stay home for the holidays.

The Gifting Solution: Knack provided a custom curated employee appreciation gift that included games, gourmet hot chocolate, and delicious snacks along with seamless drop shipping to every recipient.

Results: Simply put: employees loved their gift!

Company: Samsung

Why They Connected With Knack: Samsung felt that Knack’s focus on quality and personalization would be a good match for their reputation for high-end items. Not only that, Knack was able to ship internationally as well as domestically.

The Ask: To foster engagement with their recipients, Samsung wanted a personal-feeling gift experience. The experience needed to accommodate both domestic and international recipients, and the unboxing experience needed to be elevated.

The Gifting Solution: Knack created gifts to be a surprise addition to Samsung’s virtual happy hour event. Gifts were customized with Samsung’s branding and delivered directly to both domestic and international recipients.

Results: The gifts were a complete surprise so their clients were thrilled.

Company: theSkimm’

Why They Connected With Knack: theSkimm’ was attracted to the variety of gifts and the brands that Knack carries. Additionally, Knack’s unique Private Event functionality was also a factor in their decision.

The Ask: To help connect with readers, theSkimm’ wanted to use gifts for a sweepstakes that was part of a virtual celebration event. Along with recipient address collection and a choice of three gifts for the sweepstakes winners, they required a seamless experience with custom gift box branding.

The Gifting Solution: A branded Private Event was created for theSkimm’. It included three spa-themed gifts for recipients to choose from as well as address collection to make it easy to ship gifts exactly where they needed to go.

Results: The overall experience had a personal feel and the recipients loved being able to pick out their own gifts.

Company: Zillow

Why They Connected With Knack: Zillow was looking for a gift company that could not only handle a large number of gifts, but could also offer custom gift packaging options, a great gift selection, and an easy way to get gifts to recipients without needing everyone’s mailing address.

The Ask: Zillow wanted gifts for 5,000+ employees with custom gift wrapping designed to stand out from the crowd. They also wanted Knack to source specific products for their gifts that were not a part of Knack’s regular inventory. To ensure their employees received a gift they liked and would actually use, Zillow needed three gifts for employees to choose from. Additionally, they wanted an easy way to collect addresses to make gift delivery seamless.

The Gifting Solution: ​Through our Private Event platform, Knack offered Zillow Employees a choice of three custom gifts with specially sourced gift items. The built-in address collection functionality made getting the right mailing addresses stress-free and the gifts were delivered without a hitch. Each gift included was packaged in classic Knack boxes with a Zillow-branded vellum topper and belly band designed with gold and silver foil snowflakes. To add a personal touch, a handwritten card was added to each gift.

Results: ​Knack made Zillow’s gifting experience simple and the employees loved their gifts!

Company: CSI/Salesforce

Why They Connected With Knack: Salesforce (CSI’s client) wanted to work with a gifting company that could create a quick and highly custom gift solution.

The Ask: For a virtual event, CSI wanted to use gifts as a way to better connect with attendees since the event could not take place in person. The gifts needed Salesforce branding and needed to be sent out when attendees finished their event sessions, which was different for each attendee. The gifts needed to be high quality and something attendees would enjoy and use every day.

The Gifting Solution: Knack worked with CSI to pre-order custom wine- and whiskey-themed gifts and was able to offer periodic delivery to recipients. As recipient gift and shipping data was delivered, Knack worked quickly to send out the gifts.

Results: The recipients were delighted with their gifts and CSI appreciated how Knack was able to create a custom gift solution for them.

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