About Highland

For more than 20 years, Highland Private Wealth Management has been providing thoughtful financial advice and management to executives, professionals, business owners, wealth beneficiaries, and other high net worth individuals. Highland believes in taking a mindful approach to their clients’ assets. They provide guidance that focuses on clarity, reduced complexity, and fostering inspired living.
 “At Highland, we view our clients as more than just their money, which allows us to build deep, enduring, and trusted partnerships with them. We pride ourselves on an intimate, boutique atmosphere that offers a rare combination of sophisticated financial advice with a mandate for client care.”
John Christianson, Highland Founder/CEO

The Status Quo: Ho-Hum Corporate Gifting With a Time-Consuming Ordering Process

In early 2018, Highland reached out to the Knack team because they wanted to improve their client relationship strategy through next-level business gifting. They wanted to go way beyond sending a run-of-the-mill bouquet of flowers and make their client gifts more meaningful, special, and customized. Not only that, their process for ordering gifts ad hoc was time-consuming and confusing.

Gifting Criteria: Meaningful, Local Gifts & Streamlined Ordering? No Problem! 

Highland had a specific requirement for their gifts. They wanted to incorporate a special item that represented their corporate values: a Glassybaby votive. Glassybaby is a local Seattle brand that donates $3 of each Glassybaby votive sale to the Glassybaby White Light Fund, which helps support organizations that promote hope and healing. Additionally, Highland needed their gifts to be from local vendors, gender-neutral, and fast and easy for their team to send.

We’re On It: Custom Corporate Gifting With Impact

First, we started out by creating the perfect gift to fulfill Highland’s immediate needs. It included the custom Glassybaby votive, a bag of local Pacific Northwest coffee, and gourmet chocolates from Jcoco, which is a Seattle company.

From there, we enrolled Highland in our Knack Professional Business Program, which includes an online Knack Company Store. Highland’s company store included the original gift we created for them, as well as several other custom gift sets tailored to Highland’s specific gifting needs throughout the year. The new platform allows Highland team members to simply click a unique company store link, select a custom gift, choose a pre-written gift message template, and enter the shipping address. Checkout is easy and streamlined with consolidated billing. Once their order is placed, the gift is delivered locally within 2 business days.

Results in Real Life

“Since we started working with Knack we’ve enjoyed the ease of use of their services, and utilizing our branded company store for our gifting needs. It saves us so much time and our clients absolutely love the gifts.”
Cassandra Scroggs, Highland Senior Associate
To learn more about Knack corporate gifting solutions, contact Knack Customer Success Manager, Liz Furmanski: Liz@knackshops.com, 206-557-4525.