One of our favorite things about the custom gift business is discovering the many ways people want to use Knack. Needless to say, it’s not just happy occasions like birthdays, new babies, and holidays that people want gifts for. One example of this is the ‘breakup care package’. We’ve recently received several orders for this very special category of gift. So, inspired as we often are by our customers, we thought we’d explore what makes a good breakup gift. Read on to find out what we’ve learned plus ideas for breakup care packages.

First, Know the Situation

While we’ve made some generalizations about types of breakups and appropriate gifts, we can’t emphasize enough that there’s no one-size-fits-all situation. We recommend understanding the unique circumstances of the breakup so you can tailor the moral support you offer to the person’s specific needs. That’s why KNACKSHOPS.COM provides so many ways to customize gifts. You can create a breakup care package using one of our Gift Builders or create your own from scratch.

1. Booze

There are breakups and then there are BREAKUPS. If you’re on call when that kind of bomb drops, understand that in the height of their theatrics, your friend may not want to feel better right away. In this case, your breakup recovery kit should include goodies to indulge the bitter drama and recent heartbreak. And when we say ‘goodies,’ we really mean cocktails . Right about now a care package that includes a cocktail shaker to get some cathartic shaking done (without actually physically shaking their ex) is in order. And what’s a cocktail shaker without the other bar necessities ? (Note: We take no responsibility if that cocktail picks in this set just happens to “accidentally” find its way toward an ex’s prized record collection.)

2. Spa

You’ve provided emotional reinforcement through enough of this friend’s breakups to know that they’ve got their healing process down to a science. Help them take things at their own pace (but still let them know you care) with a breakup survival kit they can enjoy during every stage of their broken heart recovery. Who said you can’t be methodical in your mourning? Shop the Just Breathe Gift Set.

3. ‘Move On’ Inspo

Somebody’s gotta say it, so we’ll take this one. GIRL. You have got to get back out there. Put the brakes on the pity party and, as they say, move on. In this situation, you need to provide your friend with an inspirational gift because just telling them they need to actively start getting over it will surely be easier said than done.

Remind them that this heartbreak-induced sadness ends, and that these tears are temporary. This is the perfect time to encourage her to get back out into the world or remind her how much she used to love to travel before she started dating’ so-and-so’. Shop the Onward & Upward Gift Set.

4. Wallowing

The only reason our Bottle Service gift set doesn’t come with ice cream is that it’s a total nuisance to ship. We settled for a decadent chocolate bar instead, which, let’s face it, is equally good fuel for a bout of sobbing in the tub. For a heartbreak coping strategy that’s straight out of a rom-com, you can’t really go wrong with the perfect gift that lets you sulk as you soak the bad vibes away Shop the Bottle Service Gift Set .



5. Self Care

There’s no way around it. Ghosting sucks. So if your close friend has been ghosted and can’t seem to wrap her head around what happened, give her a little care package that encourages mindfulness, relaxation, and exorcising those crummy I-can’t-believe-I’ve-been-ghosted-breakup feelings. The Better Than Therapy gift set more than delivers with a stress-relieving coloring book, scented candle, soothing herbal tea, and assortment of mini chocolate bars.