“They LOVE it. I have never seen more social media posts of employees sharing their gift as they do now.”

If you’ve ever been responsible for sourcing, curating, and sending employee appreciation gifts at work, you know how satisfying it is to get it right–and just how tricky it can be to find ideas that sincerely show your gratitude. Employee appreciation gifts can have a tremendous ROI for your business; as we discovered in our 2019 Business Gift Satisfaction Report, people who received thoughtful gifts from their employer reported feeling more connected to their company and 28% more likely to want to work there for a long time. That’s good news for the company, but the person tasked with sending employee appreciation gifts for every anniversary might have their work cut out for them when it comes to finding all those “thank you” gifts.

It was precisely this need that inspired Ciji Thompson, Lead Training Manager for Scorpion Internet Marketing, to contact us. Scorpion’s team handles full-service digital marketing for a diverse roster of clients, and they’re experts at relationship building, staying on trend, and meeting the specific needs of each client.

Ciji wanted to vamp up Scorpion’s work anniversary gifting program to better reflect the company’s gratitude for their 600 employees. Our account specialists helped assess her gifting needs and created a new strategy for Scorpion’s employee appreciation gifts. The results? Happy, engaged employees who felt recognized and re-energized by their thoughtful gifts.

Read our case study for the full report below.

Scorpion: Award-winning internet marketing experts

Scorpion Internet Marketing is a digital marketing management company with 600+ employees and three offices across the United States. They’re growing fast and evolving to meet the needs of all the industries they serve, and it’s a high priority to appreciate all their employees for their hard work and dedication. They came to us in search of memorable work anniversary gifts that would stand out and make every employee feel recognized.

Gifting pain points: Generic gifts and not enough time

Scorpion already had a gifting program when they reached out to us, but Ciji didn’t think the gifts were special or unique enough to suit the occasion. She told us, “Every employee, no matter how many years [they’d worked for us], received a fruit basket.” While this was a nice gesture, Ciji knew this rather garden-variety gift wasn’t the most meaningful way to mark a work anniversary.

The Goal Getter Gift Set

Here were some of Ciji’s top gifting pain points:

  • Scorpion’s previous work anniversary gifts felt “very basic” and too generic to be memorable
  • Creating 600+ unique employee gifts was terribly time consuming
  • Most corporate gifting companies don’t allow customization of their gift boxes
  • Gifting for employees in three regions of the country (California, Texas, and New York) can call for extra foresight–after all, you don’t want to send chocolates to Dallas in August!
  • Other gifting companies made it difficult or impossible to incorporate Scorpion’s brand logo on their gifts

Gifting criteria: Gifts should stand out and come together in a snap

While our account specialists are trained to help anyone build a gift from scratch, some clients do come to us with special gifting goals. Ciji knew she’d found the right corporate gifting service in Knack because we could help her bring her gift visions to life–even though she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to include when she reached out to us.

Scorpion’s employee anniversary gifts needed to:

  • Make each employee feel special and unique
  • Be customized to every employee’s likes, hobbies, and dislikes, and include high-quality, on-trend items
  • Suit a variable budget based on an employee’s tenure with the company ($50-$400)
  • Come together quickly, without taking hours of Ciji’s time to source, customize, and order
  • Showcase the Scorpion brand with added logos and imagery

Solution: Employee surveys and gift account specialists make gift selection simple

The Goal Getter Employee Gift Set

The Road Warrior Gift Set

In order to help Ciji create personal gifts, we went straight to the most important source of inspiration: the recipients. The Knack account specialist assigned to Scorpion helped Ciji create an annual “likes and dislikes” survey that employees in all three offices complete each year. Every month, our team puts those survey answers to work and curates special gifts for the employees celebrating anniversaries at Scorpion that month. After Ciji’s approval, we handle packing and shipping, ensuring that each gift arrives right on time for the employee’s work anniversary. We take special care to make sure that these gifts are clearly from Scorpion, as well; we feature their branding on the packaging and gift messaging in a way that feels elegant, not ostentatious.

Taking customized gifting to the next level

One tenet of modern gift-giving we truly value is making sure recipients are overjoyed to receive exactly what they want. To help Scorpion really maximize their employee gifting strategy, we created another custom feature for their gifting program: an Employee Registry.

We designed a special shopping platform that allows Scorpion employees to browse and create gifts at their work anniversary-based price point. Then, instead of shopping for themselves, they simply add the gift to their registry, making it easy for Ciji to approve and send each gift in just a few clicks. While it’s an undeniable time-saver, the confidence boost of sending a gift that’s guaranteed to please can’t be beat, so this is a feature we certainly plan to refine and test in the future.

Outcome: Happy employees and a corporate gifting program that runs like a dream

Working with Knack has transformed Scorpion’s employee anniversary gifting program, Ciji says. She loves our comprehensive gift customization feature, and says it was a key factor in her decision to work with us.

“The ability to remove and add items is magnificent. There is one other company that does something similar, but they don’t give you any ideas to start, which makes the creation process very tough. Without a rep and a general idea, it can take countless hours going through all the products to create a single box. Knack has made it very easy to feel like I am still part of the creation process, without bogging down too much of my time.”

Since Ciji is saving time on sourcing and sending gifts, she’s actually able to invest more focused attention toward the gift selection experience. Thanks to our creative product range and handy employee surveys, it’s quicker and easier to find the items that will really shine in a custom gift box. Plus, she never has to worry about whether someone could be disappointed in their gift.

And the recipients’ reactions to Scorpion’s new gifting program? We’ll let Ciji take this one:

“They LOVE it. I have never seen more social media posts of employees sharing their gift as they do now. We’ve been gifting anniversary gifts for 4 years now and (after we started working with Knack), 9/10 employees love their gift so much they feel compelled to share the love on their social media page.”

Do you manage employee gifting at your company? Tell us about your greatest gifting challenges in the comments, or contact a Knack account specialist who can help you get gifting like a pro.