About EP Wealth Advisors

EP Wealth Advisors is a registered investment adviser and financial planning firm based in Torrance, California.

The Status Quo

After years of gifting with more traditional gift vendors, EP Wealth wanted a more modern gifting approach. They were in search of high-quality holiday gifts as well as ongoing assistance redeveloping their holistic gifting program for 2020 to surprise and delight their clients with life event gifts year round.

EP Wealth Advisors was in search of high-quality holiday gifts as well as help redeveloping their gifting program.

Gifting Specifications

EP Wealth specific gift solution requirements included:

  • 800 holiday gifts across two pricing tiers
  • A year-long solution for a streamlined gifting program across all 14 locations and 45 advisors
  • Insight into what other offices and advisors are gifting

EP Wealth Holiday Gift

The Gifting Solution: Holistic & Modern

For the holidays, Knack delivered two tiers of festive, high-quality gifts to individual residences. To address EP Wealth’s need for a holistic and modern year-round gifting strategy,Β  we developed a private EP Wealth Company Store for all advisors. It was populated with a curated selection of on-brand gifts. In addition, we provided consolidated billing to replace tedious expense reports and robust reporting to allow administrators to monitor and manage the budget.

EP Wealth Holiday Gift

Gifting Solution Results

Knack’s corporate gift solution for EP Wealth included a flexible and competitive pricing model combined with Knack’s exquisite unboxing experience, which won 100% of EP Wealth’s gifting business.

Learn More About Our Custom Gift Solutions

To learn more about Knack corporate gift solutions, contact Knack Customer Success Manager, Liz Furmanski:Β Liz@knackshops.com, 206-557-4525. Or get in touchΒ via our contact form.