Just in Time for Exam Season: The College Care Package

It’s no secret that college students love to receive fun care packages year-round (after all, what college student will turn down free food?), but they are especially important to send in early November because that’s generally just before finals week—right when they need them most.

An exam care package is so much more than just a bundle of snacks. As the name implies, these special gifts tell your college student that you really care about them and support them during what can be a very stressful time. They’re especially good for freshmen who are experiencing university exams for the first time and likely just realizing how serious a final exam is.

How to Create a Great College Care Package

The recipe for a great college care package is a tried-and-true one: a combination of treats, useful supplies and sentimental items.

  • Snack food – nuts, granola bars, dried fruit, chocolate, baked goods, coffee, tea, hot chocolate
  • Useful supplies – desk accessories, water bottles, socks, hair ties, school supplies
  • Sentimental items – these vary but are always super sweet. (We sent out a college care package with a hardcover Goodnight Moon book last week.)
  • Stress relievers – games, spa items, aromatherapy candles

Personalization: The Heart of A College Care Package

One of the most vital parts of the college care package is the gift’s level of personalization. Just throwing something in the mail just won’t do. So be sure to pull together a gift that will be meaningful. If one of Knack’s college care packages isn’t quite right, you always can customize it by swapping items to make a perfect gift. Or you can build your own gift from scratch with our Gift Builders.

For even more customization, all Knack gift sets come with a personal note  that you get to personalize for your college kid with one of our message designs or your own photo or image.

Scheduling College Finals Care Packages

Keep in mind: Most large colleges and universities have incoming packages routed to a central processing station rather than being delivered directly to dorm buildings. The processing time between when things arrive in the central location and when they arrive at a dorm may be multiple days.

Some colleges and universities require students to come collect their care packages from a central location rather than having them forwarded on to dorm lobbies.

So depending on the policy of your son or daughter’s school, keep in mind that it make take up to a week for a package to find its way to your student after it’s officially been “received” at their school.

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