Gifting to business partners and clients is expected to increase in 2019, according to the Knack Business Gift Satisfaction Report. Forty percent of C-suite executives state that they plan to spend more on gifts in the new year.

To make the largest possible impact, those who are gifting need to look closely at the label. If it reads “Made in the USA,” that gift is more likely to be meaningful and memorable to some of your partners, clients, and employees.  While giving a handmade or locally-made gift might not seem important to some audiences, it’s critical to others. Who values the Made in the USA label, and how can this impact your business gifting?

Imparting Meaning with Your Gift 

Your gift isn’t just a gift; it’s a token that has meaning. Ideally, your gift will not only be suitable but memorable to those who receive it. Generating this memorability is the challenge that you face as someone who gives business gifts. It turns out that meaningful gift choices vary by demographic. For some groups, buying local is the key to creating a meaningful gifting experience.

C-Suite Executives Value Locally-Made Items 

According to the 2019 Business Gift Satisfaction Report, C-suite executives have diverse values that converge into a broad desire for socially-responsible, handmade, and Made in the USA gifts. These attributes are most preferred by the C-suite:

  • Made in the USA
  • Sustainable
  • Gives back in some way
  • Handmade or artisan
  • From a small business

When you’re looking for a C-Suite gifting choice, look to socially- and environmentally-conscious, US-made, handcrafted gifts. These gifts will be memorable, meaningful, and preferred. By paying attention to their preferences, you’ll give a gift with a more personal feel, especially when you let them know about the values behind your gift.

Millennials Want the Story Behind Your Gift 

Millennial customers and employees are the up and coming generation, and as a business owner, it’s essential that you understand their preferences. According to CoxBlue, “Millennials have a strong sense of community and like to feel connected to the products and services they buy.”

They want to know where their purchases and their gifts originated. They also feel more strongly connected to a gift with a cause. These gifts harbor more meaning for the Millennial audience.

Purchasing items at smaller shops is part of the Millennial culture as well. This generation values the feeling of connection that they get from handcrafted, locally-produced items. If you’re giving to a Millennial, gifting a handcrafted item makes that gift feel more personal and honors their desire for that emotional connection to the provenance of a gift.

For a Millennial employee or client, a Made in America label is just one part of the larger story of the gift. The full story is one of connection to a person, organization, and a place. Tell the story behind the gift, and it becomes much more meaningful, memorable, and personal.

At Knack, we understand your need to give. Even more importantly, we know that each of your employees, partners, and clients is unique. Connect with us, and we’ll help you change that way that you approach your business gifting. Learn more about Knack today.