Don’t just give coffee: give a coffee experience.

You’re called to be inspirational, to be meaningful, and to be personal. We’re not talking about your work – we’re talking about gift-giving. Whether it’s a staff celebration of an accomplishment or it’s holiday season again, how can you solve the dilemma of finding meaningful gifts for those with whom you work? 

Connect With Emotion 

According to the Knack Employee Gift Survey, efforts spent on employee gifts “result in an employee feeling an increased positive opinion of their employer, a higher degree of connection to their employer, and a desire to be more loyal to their employer.” That’s a huge payback for a simple gift.  

However, if you want your gift to elicit those emotions, you need to put in some effort as well. The survey also mentions that 52 percent of employees said their last gift was not very memorable.

One way to make your gift memorable is to connect with the recipient’s emotions. For instance, in an article from Inc, many employees mention the luxury of small food items that they would not normally buy is simple, yet appreciated. For instance, a special bottle of alcohol or wine, or luxury chocolates can make an employee feel like you’re pampering them. 

A thoughtful book that’s chosen for an individual can also make an emotional connection, particularly when you keep what you love and what they love in mind. 

Practical gifts, though not as emotional, can show caring and can also resonate. For example, a special desk accessory may make their work lives a little easier every day, and they will think of the giver with thanks as they are used.

Put a Personal Touch on Employee Gifts 

According to the Knack Employee Gift Survey, only “17% of employees felt the last gift they got from their company was truly unique.” Employers can do better. This doesn’t mean you need to purchase 200 different books for your different employees, but it does mean that you can work to create custom gift packages and consider what each individual would prefer. Whatever you choose to give, remember to add a note to your gift. This personalizes it and can be just as meaningful as the gift itself.

Your employees will appreciate gifts that make office work more luxurious. 


Put a New Twist on an Old Theme 

There are many gifts that are tried and true office hits. For instance, the coffee mug and coffee are usually a home run. However, if the same gift is given on various occasions or repeated each year for a particular celebration, it can become a little – dare we say – boring. 

If you’re thinking of turning to one of these staple gifts, consider how you can add a twist. For instance, what if your coffee brewed directly in the mug so that employees could just add the grounds and go? Or coffee with a notebook that’s designed for creative endeavors? Or a novelty mug featuring a hobby in which only the recipient participates?

Give a Gift Experience 

Experience gifts are popular, and it’s trendy to treat your staff to the latest, such as an escape room experience or a spa day. However, remember that a gift itself, the presentation and unwrapping and can be an experience. Your employee opens the well-considered, subtle, yet beautiful package. There’s a thoughtful note inside, and a gift that was chosen with care. 

Giving a gift is much more than simply getting an item in the hands of the recipient. Even before a package is opened, the employee should sense that care was taken to package the item in a way that not only looks good but is also consistent with the company logo and brand. 

Opening a gift can be part of the experience. Whatever you give, curate your gift in a way that opening it feels like a gift in itself – make your gift-giving feel like the unraveling of a box of treasures.

At Knack, we’re here to help you solve the knotty problems of gift-giving. If you’re not sure how to be a successful corporate gift-giver, we can work with you to curate the perfect gift experience for your employees. Connect with us to learn more about Knack.