Congratulations to your newest scholar-in-the-making, leaping over scholastic hurdles into the new world of college and life experiences. While he’s no doubt academically prepared for the upcoming journey ahead, we’ve curated a selection of gifts to ensure his new endeavor into adulthood is full of goodies along the way.

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Consider us your one-stop shopping experience for college student gift ideas. Our customizable, fun, and functional gifts make perfect care packages for students of various ages and interests. Read on to learn how to pick out the best gift for any college guy.

The Top Gifts Every College Boy Needs (and Actually Wants)

Gourmet PB & J

Gourmet PB & J Gift Set

If he’s survived on nothing but peanut butter sandwiches until now, why stop once he gets to college? This fun gift set updates the childhood classic–the PB & J–with a jar of CB’s Nuts’ Creamunchy Peanut Butter, grown-up Bow Hill Blueberry Jam, and a Seattle Chocolates PB&J Chocolate Bar. We’ve included a petite hand-stamped vintage spreader that reads “PB+J 4EVER” for spooning dollops of gourmet goodness onto his favorite bread, and don’t worry–it’s okay to cut the crusts off.

Gift set contains:

  • CB’s Nuts One-Ingredient Peanut Butter, 16 oz jar
  • Bow Hill Blueberry Jam, 7 oz jar
  • Paka Monk PB+J 4Ever Spreader
  • Seattle Chocolates PB&J Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar, 2.5 oz

Please Don’t Feed The Squirrels

Please Don’t Feed The Squirrels

If a rumpled bag of GORP is his idea of tasty hiking fuel, lure him nibble by scrumptious nibble toward this stash of protein-packed snacks instead.

Perfect for day hikes, picnics, even marathon study sessions, this collection of snackable goodness includes CB’s Nuts Organic Pumpkin Seeds, BobbySue’s Nuts Original Blend of almonds, cashews, and pecans, Sweetwood Cattle Co. Original Beef Jerky, and Wild Things Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almonds (because no self-respecting snack pack leaves out the chocolate!). Help him stay hydrated with his beverage of choice with MiiR’s Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Bottle, which holds up to 16 fl oz and can keep drinks cold for 24+ hours and hot for 12, so he can transition effortlessly from coffee to water to beer.


  • Your purchase of this MiiR bottle supports funding for clean water projects. Enter the Give Code located on the bottom of the bottle online at to learn more about the project you’ve supported.

Quick Refresh Kit

Quick Refresh Kit Gift Set

The stress of college can quickly impede on a decent hygiene routine and inspire all manner of excuses, but “I’m out of soap!” shouldn’t be one of them. This gift contains all his grooming needs for on-the-go or on-campus life. We’ve included a dopp kit made of upcycled sailcloth and truck tarpaulin, and an assortment of men’s toiletries from Ernest Supplies. The minimalist packaging of the moisturizer, shave cream and face wash make bulk-free packing a breeze.

Gift set contains:

  • Metamorphic Gear Travel Dopp Kit, 4″ h x 4” w x 6″ l
  • Ernest Supplies Cooling Shave Cream, 3 oz
  • Ernest Supplies Protective Matte Moisturizer, 2.5 oz
  • Ernest Supplies Soap Free Gel Wash, 3 oz
  • Ernest Supplies Awake & Exfoliate Body Bar, 6 oz

 Now, if he would only do his laundry…

Weekend Warrior Gift Set

Weekend Warrior Gift Set

When he’s ready to step away from his desk, this gift has everything he’ll need for a day trip or weekend getaway, especially if it’s outdoors! After he’s packed the exceptionally lightweight Matador FreeRain24 backpack with a stainless steel water bottle, miniature flat flashlight, and small Leatherman Keychain Squirt Multi-Tool with 9 accessories, he’ll still have plenty of room for more go-to gear.

Gift set contains:

  • Matador FreeRain24 waterproof lightweight packable backpack, 24-liter capacity pack, 5.5 oz when packed in its own portable satchel
  • Leatherman Keychain Squirt Multi-Tool, closed length 2.25 in, weight 2 oz, blade length 1.6 in
  • Gourmondo Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 16 fl oz, 10″ h x 3″
  • Kikkerland mini flat LED flashlight

The Carnivore’s Delight

The Carnivore’s Delight Gift Set

Besides cooking assistance, growing boys need brain food and quality flavors to boost their studying habits and promote a balanced diet. Meat eaters, look no further! This mouthwatering gift set will have him salivating until the cows come home in the shape of a juicy burger. A favorite of grill masters everywhere, this gift brings the heat with the Rub With Love Steak Rub by Chef Tom Douglas, Mustard and Co’s Chipotle Mustard, and The Pike Place Brewing Company’s Kilt Lifter BBQ Sauce. Wildwood Grilling Cedar Grilling Planks will kick his grilling game up a notch (experts recommend soaking planks in beer or wine for extra flavor). Finally, throw in a cheeky “I Like Big Butts” kitchen towel from Missy Madewell, and he’ll laugh every time he fires up the grill.

Gift set includes:

  • Seattle Style Pike Kilt Lifter BBQ Sauce, 12 oz
  • Wildwood Grilling Cedar Grilling Planks (set of 2), each 11″ h x 5″ w
  • Mustard and Co. Chipotle Mustard, 7 oz
  • Rub With Love Steak Rub, 3.5 oz
  • Missy Madewell I Like Big Butts Kitchen Towel, approx. 26″ h  x 26″ w

The Ultimate Care Package

The Ultimate Care Package Gift Set

College can be a pricey experience that often calls for too many nights in and endless stashes of Top Ramen and cheap soup. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to this diet disaster with the diverse and delicious Ultimate Care Package. With a combination of sweet, salty, chewy, and crunchy treats, this care package is sure to satisfy every common craving all in one. This gift features CiCi’s Lemon S Cookies, Rain City Crunch Granola by Sisters Baking Co., a bag of Bobbysue’s Nuts Original Blend of mixed nuts and secret spices, KuKuRuZa’s Salted Caramel Popcorn, a PB & J Chocolate Truffle Bar, and a pack of Wild Things Skinny Dipped Chocolate Espresso Almonds.

Gift set contains:

  • CiCi’s Handmade Italian Lemon Cookies, 9 oz, 6 cookies
  • KuKuRuZa Hawaiian Salted Caramel Popcorn, 6.5 oz
  • BobbySue’s Original Mixed Nuts (Almonds, Cashews  and Pecans), 2.5 oz
  • Skinny Dipped Chocolate Espresso Almonds, 1.5 oz
  • Rain City Crunch Original Granola Snack, 2 oz
  • Seattle Chocolates PB&J Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar, 2.5 oz

Outside The Lines

Outside The Lines

A gift set for the right-brained, the curious, the out-of-the-box thinkers, this Grids & Guides Notebook and Pencil duo is a fun gift for creative people of all ages. The notebook provides hours of amusement alongside one’s note-taking, as it includes 144 pages of grid paper in 8 different designs, interspersed with a marvelous collection of charts and infographics from the arts and sciences. The Grids & Guides Pencil Set is a sharp and savvy complement; in addition to 12 pre-sharpened pencils in black and blue, the case includes a die-cut ruler.

Hammock & Chill

Hammock & Chill Gift Set

Nothing can be more draining than a prolonged week of studying to finish off a stellar semester. However, you can encourage him to use the little time he has to himself to regain all this expelled energy. It’s almost as if a “nap on the go” could remedy a variety of exhausting problems. Well, look no further. The Hammock and Chill gift set brings the coveted lifestyle of luxurious napping and relaxation directly to you! Complete with a hammock that screams comfort and ease, this purchase also includes a 12 oz MiiR beverage tumbler for his favorite beverage and Theo Chocolate’s giant Big Daddy Marshmallows. This hammock can comfortably fit two people; ideal for an outdoor date night.

Creative Coffee Break

coffee gift for staff

Creative Coffee Break Gift Set

It’s inevitable–there will be countless nights in which he’ll be up cramming last-minute information into his brain merely hours before an exam. The good news is that you can give him a fighting chance against the relentless sleep deprivation of finals week. This overnight DIY coffee gift will help your student brew cold brew coffee to his liking, and take last-minute notes with the journal and pen. In the tedious 12+ hours used to fill his brain with knowledge, your student will have had plenty of time to steep his miracle drink before enjoying its caffeinated goodness.

The Wide World Of Whiskey

The Wide World Of Whiskey

If he’s of drinking age, he’ll love contemplating the starry night sky over whiskey in a rocks glass etched with the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere in winter. These glasses are designed for whiskey neat or on the rocks, but work great for cocktails, too. We’ve included The Whiskey Deck so he can quiz himself on whiskey trivia card by card. With dozens of whiskey tips at your fingertips, you can be entertained for hours thanks to Viski’s Glacier Rock® soapstone cubes. Keep these reusable cubes in the freezer and add to any beverage to chill it quickly and consistently.

Gift set contains:

  • 2 theUncommonGreen Constellation Rocks Glasses, 11 oz each, 3.5″ h x 3″ d
  • Viski Soapstone Glacier Rocks, set of 6
  • The Whiskey Deck 52-card deck

More Care Package Ideas For Him

We know shopping for kids, let alone young adults embarking on the world of change, is often a challenge! However, we’re confident one of these gifts will suit your intentions and jumpstart your student’s success from the inside and out! If you’re looking for even more ideas, check out our finals week care package ideas as well as our most popular college care packages