We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the best thing about the gift business is the way it allows us little peeks into our customers’ lives. With every order we make, we get to learn a bit about you and your loved ones and help you celebrate the occasions and milestones you’ve deemed gift-worthy.

custom gift builderThis year, you sent gifts across the country, picked up packages for celebrations close to home, and scored last-minute stocking stuffers for everyone–even the dog! We were so charmed to see the unique gift sets that you customized for your friends, family, and clients, and it was truly our pleasure to build them for you. Without fail, your gifts were expressive, amusing, and thoughtful, but most of all, they were heartfelt and full of love.

Though we can only guess at the stories behind most gifts, a few boxes in particular stood out this year as being especially creative and inspiring. Here are some of our favorite customer gifts from 2017:

  • The belated, but no less delighted, wedding gifts to faraway friends. Here’s to celebrating old memories and making new ones! 
  • The gift sent to a Hamilton actor to enjoy after long nights on stage. Everyone knows that stellar shows happen when the stars are relaxed and perfectly pampered. 
  • Countless gifts of gratitude for employees, coworkers, and clients, from people who’ve mastered the art of confident business gifting
  • Spa and grooming gifts “for the lushest beards in town” and gourmet breakfast sets “for epic biscuit feasts” from gift-givers who truly know what makes their recipients grin. 
  • Best-selling literary gifts for bookworms recovering from book club picks that weren’t exactly page-turners. 
  • Gifts for toddlers from mischievous aunts and uncles–the kinds of aunts and uncles who’d slip their favorite nephew a professional-grade whistle and say, “Trust me, Mom and Dad will love this. And have some ice cream, while you’re at it.” We saw you, and we laughed out loud. 
  • Gifts so complete, so creative, that they’d be the first thing you’d reach for on a deserted island. Clearly both giver and receiver have given this one a lot of thought, so we know they’ll be just fine! 
  • Sweet-as-can-be gifts for new babies and their families. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t get a little misty-eyed at a few of these bundles of joy. 
  • Gifts from parents to their children of all ages, even the college kids. They’re proof that even once you’ve fled the nest, the people who love you still know exactly what will make you smile. 


If you’re looking for the easiest way to customize a gift set for your friend, coworker, or family member be sure to checkout our custom gift builder. It will help you assemble the perfect gift set in no time!

custom gift builder