Holiday Gift Guide: The Pandemic Is Shaping Business Gift Trends

As the experts in all things gift giving, we’re always on the lookout for on-trend items for our gift sets and pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to predicting future gift trends and the best holiday gift ideas. Business holiday gifts have always been a great way to show appreciation and create a lasting impressionBut then 2020 happened. Needless to say, it’s been an exceptional year since the novel coronavirus arrived on our shores. As a result, every aspect of our business lives have been re-shaped, including how we gift. It’s going to be an extraordinary holiday season, read on to find out what’s will be on everyone’s list for holiday 2020.

1. Gifting Early for the Holidays

The first thing to know about the 2020 holiday season is that businesses are gifting employees, clients, and partners early this year. This overarching trend is a direct result of the pandemic and our new work-from-home normal. Simply put, people are craving connection right now, and business gifts are the ideal conduit when in-person meet-ups are not an option. Normally, holiday business gifting season begins after Labor Day. This year, we started getting inquiries about our holiday business gift collection in July—a full two months early!

2. Individual Gifts

The tried-and-true tradition of sending a holiday gift card and a single large food gift basket filled with gourmet goodies for the whole office to enjoy is simply off the table this year. The new alternative is smaller individual gifts that employees, partners, and clients receive and open at home. 

3. Party in a Box

One of our most requested business gifts this year has been the “party in a box” gift set. These gifts are designed to be a replacement for an in-person party with the idea being ‘if they can’t go to the party, send the party to them instead’. These gifts include celebratory items such as champagne, wine, or cocktail glasses, gourmet chocolate or snacks, and party blowers and games. They are often used as part of a virtual office party.

4. Let It Glow

Scented candles are flamin’ hot (sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun) this year. They are home and office décor, aromatherapy, and a moment of mindfulness all wrapped into one. Not only that, they are easy to send, not terribly expensive, and virtually everyone loves them.

5. Fun & Games

No doubt about it, it’s been a stressful and confusing time for all of us, and we’re seeking distractions and lighthearted fun. Cue the games, trivia and puzzles to give our brains a much-needed break. Who says corporate gifting has to be boring?


6. Popcorn Party

Another bestseller? Popcorn! It’s always been an in-demand product for us. But its popularity has gone through the roof since everyone started spending most of their time at home. It’s the ultimate crunchy comfort food with flavors ranging from salty and tangy to buttery and sweet. And it’s hands-down the perfect pairing for an afternoon work pick-me-up and attending virtual office happy hours.

7. Mugs, Mugs, Mugs

We’re making fewer Starbucks runs since we’re not in the office and we’re finding we want to up our game when it comes to at-home hot beverage consumption. A quality mug that you love to look at and use is absolutely vital whether we’re brewing up energizing coffee or steeping relaxing herbal tea.

8. Just say, Tech-NO

In our new virtual world, we’re looking for opportunities to put down our devices and unplug. Similar to games and puzzles,  journals, coloring books, mindfulness books, and spa accessories can help do the heavy lifting when it comes to reducing stress and saving us from becoming permanently attached to our screens.


Need More Business Holiday Gift Ideas?

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