Housiversary (n.) the Anniversary of the Day You Moved Into or Bought Your Home

Yes! You’re reading that correctly—a day totally dedicated to homeowners. A recent trend we’ve seen in the real estate industry is celebrating the anniversary of a home selling, closing, and officially becoming a client’s new humble abode. Brokers and real-estate agents have coined the term “Housiversary,” in hopes of showing their past clients gratitude.

Our founder and gifting expert, Laura Jennings, has hopped on the Housiversary trend to celebrate these buyers’ huge milestones.

Purchasing a home is an exciting time—especially for first time buyers. Most buyers stay in their first homes for an average of ten years, which means large investments are made with not only money, but valuable time.

First-time buyers experience huge milestones in their first homes. From a young couple that has their first child – to young professionals that receives multiple promotions—first time buyers experience unforgettable moments in their new homes.

A Housiversary gift is a small token to offer encouragement and praise from their journey towards home ownership.

So, how do you select a thoughtful, caring housiversary gift?

Laura believes that you should use what you know about the home itself to create the perfect gift. “For example, if what especially appealed to the new homeowner was the beautiful yard, then outdoor gifts like grilling sets, yard games, or birdhouses might be perfect for them,” Laura shares. “But if she loved her new condo because the spacious kitchen was great for entertaining, then a bar or housewares gift might be just the ticket.”

Here’s a few of Laura’s favorite, hand-selected Knacks to celebrate a Housiversary:

#1 Gift to Celebrate Housiversary: Cocktail Set

If your first-time homeowner is into trendy décor and entertaining friends, we recommend helping them outfit their home bar with The Bar Cart gift set. It’s hard not to love the nod to classic cocktail culture with a contemporary twist. The modern glasses are paired with textured-glass cocktail shaker and sturdy stainless steel utensils. Your homeowner will become a bartending wiz in no time!

#2 Gift to Celebrate Housiversary: Entertaining Set

If you know a homeowner who appreciates a fine glass of wine and a few appetizers, consider The Cheese Course Gift Set. Most first-time buyers don’t have spare funds to splurge on home décor if they’re spending money on renovations and a new mortgage. Treat them to a slate cheese board, acacia cheese knives, and gourmet cutting preserves to have around when they host friends and family.


#3 Gift to Celebrate Housiversary: Family Set

Give a memorable gift to the young couple expecting their first child with our Playtime Fun Baby Gift Set. First-time homeownership is exciting enough but adding a new baby to the mix can be overwhelming (in the best way possible)! Help the new addition to the family settle in with a handwoven blanket, a classic bedtime story, snugly stuffed bunny, and a handmade elephant pull toy.

#4 Gift to Celebrate Housiversary: Coffee Set

For the young professional who’s grinding throughout the week, our Café Society Gift Set will provide him or her with a burst of energy. A first-time buyer will get plenty of use out of a stainless-steel French press, sleek coffee cups, and a modern serving tray. Not only is this a practical gift set, but it will look great sitting on top of his or her kitchen counter.

#5 Gift to Celebrate Housiversary: Backyard Set

If your first-time homeowner enjoys experiences rather than gifts, consider our Picnic Under the Stars Gift Set. This set combines outdoor enamelware, a cozy pocket blanket, stainless steel roasting sticks (hello, marshmallows!), cedar grilling planks, and a Seattle spice blend to create a fun, backyard BBQ experience.

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