The Finishing Touches For Your Administrative Professionals Day Gift

You know you should give. You know what to give. Now, you need our lightning-quick tutorial on how to give gifts for Administrative Professionals Day to make sure they make the right impression and get remembered. This is the final installment of our series meant to transform you into a full-fledged gifting genius for Admin Day.

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What to spend on a gift for your admin

Across the US, $50 is the average price point for a gift on Administrative Professionals Day. Obviously, there’s room to deviate from that rule-of-thumb number depending on your circumstances:


If you have a dedicated executive assistant who supports only you, consider a gift in the $75 range.


If you’re buying a gift for your own administrative assistant in addition to shared resources who may receive gifts from multiple people, it’s OK to spend more on your admin ($50-$75) and spend less ($15-$25) on a gift for a staff member who helps other executives or the office at large.

Treat everyone equally if you’re buying for a company or department.

Salaries, titles, bonuses and office locations already make hierarchies crystal clear in most organizations. Gifts, on the other hand, are an opportunity to say thank you and build engagement with individuals, not a device to reinforce these hierarchies.


Write a note!

Data shows that this no-cost item is actually the most important element of your gift.  A thoughtful, personally-addressed gift message can increase a gift’s memorability as much as items chosen specifically for that recipient. Plus, it’s one of the easiest ways to make your gift stand out; two-thirds of the gift recipients we surveyed in our Business Gift Satisfaction Survey Report shared that they had received gifts without a note. So, be the one who rises above the crowd with these simple steps:

  • Address them by name
  • Thank them for something they’ve specifically done for you
  • Tell them why you’re giving them this gift
  • People remember stories, not items, so give your gift a story they’ll remember. 

Now that you’re equipped with all of our best tips for finding a gift for your administrative assistant, check out our Best Gifts For Employees collection to find gift inspiration–or build your own! Our account specialists are standing by to help you.