Is client or partner appreciation integral to your organization’s success?

Do you have multiple business gift purchasers within your organization?

If so, you may join the ranks of customers in Real Estate, Hospitality, Consulting and Wealth Management who find that Knack’s Private Company Store solution is right for them.

Knack’s company store enables exceptional gift giving across your entire organization while ensuring that every gift sent represents your brand and adheres to organizational guidelines.

Your private company store gift collection is carefully curated especially for your needs, and updated regularly for freshness and seasonality. With pre-set gift branding and consolidated billing options, we make it easy for your entire organization to gift with Knack.

These are the benefits our customers experience on the Private Company Store platform:

  • Authorized Company Store Users (purchasers) will receive order confirmation and tracking emails at their own individual work email addresses
  • Authorized Users automatically see their own purchase history and address book in their account
  • The master account provides a comprehensive view of all activity, by purchaser
  • The gift ordering process is streamlined to make it extremely quick for your users to send a gift
  • Your brand will automatically appear on every gift message and recipient name card
  • You can configure customized message templates so your purchasers can select and edit pre-made messages that reflect your brand voice
  • You have the option to allow full gift customization or to limit users to the gifts in your curated collection
  • CRM integration
  • Company store access control:
    • Easily add or delete company store access as your employee group changes
    • Designate payment options on a per-user basis so you can distinguish between store users you want to enter their own credit card vs those authorized to use your organization’s centralized billing program

Our Private Company Store clients pay a $1,750 set-up fee which includes $1,000 of Private Store credits, bulk account creation for your initial Authorized User base, and a User Success Plan to ensure the success of your company store roll out from day 1. A small quarterly maintenance fee covers regular merchandising refreshes to meet your evolving gift needs.

To learn more about whether our Private Company Store solution might be right for you, contact Liz Furmanski, 

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