Introducing Knest by Knack: Today’s Way to Gift

What if we told you there was a way to send thoughtful gifts to multiple people without addresses, gift wrap, or a trip to the mall? Introducing Knest by Knack, our latest innovation that makes your gift a memorable experience with your own personal gift page.

Knest turns your gift into a custom experience and you can even offer a choice of gifts from our expertly curated collection. Easy to use and completely customizable, you can design your Knest to create something uniquely you. Your Knest also welcomes guests by name creating a truly personal connection. It’s a great gifting option for everyone from realtors sending housewarming gifts to brides proposing to their bridesmaids to employers welcoming new teammates.

“This new platform will fundamentally change the way we gift,” said Laura Jennings, our Knack Founder and CEO. “What makes a gift truly special is the story and the personally relevant context behind it. Knest wraps an immersive digital experience around the delivery of a physical gift, enhancing the overall impact by creating a memorable and individualized experience from concept to delivery.”

More Memorable Gifts for Any and Every Occasion

• Send holiday gifts to out-of-town friends and family

• Build a business referral program

• Create a one-stop-shop for wedding party gifts

• Build employee engagement

• Thank clients, customers, teachers, or your best friend

• Create community around virtual & hybrid events

• Gift referrals and closings for real estate

How Knest Works

So how does it work exactly? We’ve made it easy for you! Your Knest is always available and stocked with gifts you’ve selected. When you need to send a gift, simply invite guests into your Knest via email. Because your guests provide their most convenient shipping address, your gift is guaranteed to arrive at the right place. You can even offer a selection of gifts  on your personal gift page and let them choose their favorite. Best of all, your Knest is easily customized with your logo, welcome video, message, photos, links and more to create a welcoming environment that’s totally you. While Knests are created on desktop, recipients have the option to view and redeem on any device. It also lives on and can be updated with new guests or different events and programs that fit your gifting needs – whether that’s holiday gifts, new client gifts, reunion gifts, etc.

Why Knest?

Holidays are fast approaching! Knest is the perfect place to hold all your individual gift boxes for everyone from friends and family to coworkers, clients, and anyone who you want to share a memorable gift with. Get started on your personal gift page now.

Ready to build your Knest? Click here to start creating your very own immersive gift experience.