About Listrak

Since 1999, Listrak has been helping marketers unlock the power of their customer data. As an established leader in the multi-channel marketing industry, Listrak is trusted by more 1000 retailers to help them to accelerate growth, drive engagement, and deliver significant incremental revenue.

The Status Quo

Listrak reached out to Knack because they needed a next-level corporate holiday gift solution that could encompass the many facets of their holiday gifting needs.

A tight turnaround, a specialty gift item, and ultra-customized gift messages for 750 gifts? No problem!

Gifting Criteria

Listrak had a tall order. They needed a corporate gift solution with three different pricing tiers as well holiday packaging and a highly custom gift message based on each customer’s specific account manager. In addition, they wanted to include a really specific gift item from one of their clients – one that just happened to be widely unavailable. Last, but definitely not least, a rapid 3-week turn around was required!Listrak Business Gift Boxes

We leveraged our technology capabilities, vendor relationships, and gift creation expertise to curate a holiday gifting solution that delivered to recipients in just three weeks time.

We’re On it! Custom Gift Solutions Are What We Do Best

To meet Listrak’s requirements, we designed a custom solution with a few key features:

  • Technology
    We applied our technology expertise to tackle the account-exec-specific gift messages. We were able to design custom cards with unique merge fields to populate and match recipient names with account manager names.
  • Relationships
    We take a lot of pride in working with incredible product vendors and were able to leverage a current wholesale relationship to source gift items very similar to the “unavailable” ones Listrak wanted.
  • Gifting Expertise
    As for the three-week turn around, we turned to our years of gifting expertise to efficiently and elegantly expedite bulk gift orders. All in a day’s work at Knack!

Listrak’s customized program included three different gift pricing tiers, a custom-sourced gift item, a gift messages specific to the recipient’s account exec, and holiday packaging.

Results in Real Life

We’re happy to report that Listrak’s 750 holiday gifts arrived on time and on spec.

Learn More About Our Custom Gift Solutions

To learn more about Knack corporate gift solutions, contact Knack Customer Success Manager, Liz Furmanski: Liz@knackshops.com, 206-557-4525. Or get in touch via our contact form.