Our research shows the majority of professionals feel appreciated and that their business relationship is valued when they receive client gifts from a vendor or business partner. That’s great news for client nurturing! But it’s not the whole story. A gift won’t leave a great impression if the client can tell there wasn’t much thought put into it. That’s why it’s incredibly important to ensure your client gifts are intentional and unforgettable. This is where we can help. Find out below how a Knack Company Store can foster meaningful client relationships through a curated collection of personalized, memorable gifts and help you see a positive ROI through your gifting strategy.
 77% of corporate gift recipients report having negative feelings about a gift because the giver didn’t put much thought into it”

 What is a Knack Company Store & How Does it Work?

A Knack Company Store is a private, online corporate gift store customized to your brand. Only you and your employees have access to it and you hand select every client gift. Company Gift Stores are the perfect solution for any organization looking for personalized client gifts as an ongoing part of their marketing, development, or human resources strategies. Company Gift Stores help your team easily but authentically connect with clients through gifting and develop meaningful relationships that impact the bottom line.
“We work with you to build a branded company gift store solution that’s the exact right fit for your corporate gift giving strategy and will help you achieve your company goals.”
Liz Furmanski, Knack Customer Success Manager

How Your Knack Store Helps Your Corporate Gifts Stand Out 

  • Personalized Gift Curation

    With your Knack Company Store, you’ll be able to show you went the extra mile to make your gift both useful and personal by pre-selecting a collection of Knack gift sets that are perfect for your intended recipients from C-suite executives to middle managers and junior team members.

    How client gifts work in a Knack Company Store - Example

  • Personalized Client Gift Messages That are Authentic & On-Brand

    Make sure your brand message and voice is clear and reflects your company values. The Knack Company Store allows you to pre-load specific gift message templates and add your logo to all gift message and recipient name cards. This feature not only eliminates errors, but it also helps keep your branding and values consistent across your organization and top-of-mind for your clients.

  • Easy Set-Up, Ordering & More

    Your Knack Company Store comes with custom branded navigation, order confirmation and tracking, gift purchase history data, centralized and individual payment options, multiple purchaser accounts, and a dedicated Knack account specialist (a real live person!) to make onboarding and ordering a snap. Additionally, Knack has options for integrating your store with your CRM. Let us know if you’re interested in learning more.

Learn More & Get Started 

To find out more about building a company store with Knack, contact Liz Furmanski: Liz@knackshops.com, 206-557-4525.