First came the chickens. Then came the home-baked cookies. Then, the fortuitous text message that encouraged Robin Wehl Martin to launch Hello Robin, the tiny, cheerful bakery in Seattle’s Capitol Hill where she has charmed customers since late 2013.

Seattle’s resident ice cream queen Molly Moon Neitzel and her husband Zach had given Robin’s family 4 chickens–a neighborly gift that paid off in a big way when Robin used the eggs in her homemade cookies. After enjoying several batches of “thank you” treats, Molly and Zach coaxed Robin into opening her own bakery so they could stop in for cookies whenever they pleased.

Robin agreed to open a cookie bakery, but she had one condition for Molly Moon: Ice. Cream. Sandwiches.

Now, on any given evening, there’s a cluster of grinning customers chatting on the sidewalk outside of Hello Robin, where they can choose from a variety of cookies and Molly Moon’s ice cream flavors. The savviest combine their choices for a handmade “sammie” so hefty, it’s served in a cup with a spoon and a handful of necessary napkins. In the summer the lines are even longer and the smiles even bigger, as treat-seekers can visit Molly Moon’s walk-up window (only open from May-September) for a cone or sundae to go with their cookies.


As for the cookies themselves? Robin calls these award-winning morsels “the cookies you wish your mother had made,” and, while we mean no disrespect to your mother or her cookies, she’s right. Purists should start with the classic chocolate chip, which keep their “fresh out of the oven” magic for hours, even days, after baking (although they’re so good we can’t imagine why you’d ever let them linger that long). If you like your chocolate chips to have some company, go for the oatmeal-chocolate-tart cherry cookie, or zingy orange habanero chocolate chip.

We also strongly encourage giving into the temptation to branch out of your favorite cookie comfort zone. Try a birthday cake cookie with white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, or the molasses cookie that was the sleeper hit of our office taste test–it’s perfectly spicy, cakey and chewy, and equally good for breakfast as a mid-afternoon snack (we tried both, just to be certain).

We’re thrilled to be the first–and so far only–place you can buy Hello Robin cookies online!

Assorted cookies fresh-baked in Seattle by Hello Robin

Hello Robin Assorted Cookie Tins

One thing’s for sure about Robin’s cookies: it’s impossible to eat just one. Lucky for you, we’re selling them in sets of 4 or tins of 9–the perfect sizes for sharing or savoring over a couple of glorious days. They’re fresh-baked, so it’s ALMOST like you get to enjoy them straight from the oven. Any of the 5 flavors we carry make amazing additions to college care packages and “get well” gifts, but the truth is there’s never a bad time to send someone handmade cookies. Include them in housewarming gifts, Christmas stockings, or last-minute birthday presents, or simply skip the line and order a few boxes just for yourself!

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