2019 Spread Joy Day Gift Set Partner: Art of Tea

Art of Tea is a tea importer and wholesaler based in Los Angeles, California where they hand blend and custom craft the world’s finest organic teas and botanicals. Committed to touching as many lives as possible through tea, they carefully select the highest quality ingredients directly from growers, each one offering a unique story. To create a delicious, meaningful tea experience, Art of Tea focuses on combining aesthetics with passion, flavor, and high-quality control.

Crafted using a 5000-year-old tea-blending tradition, Art of Tea creates signature organic loose leaf teas, organic iced teas, tea sachets, tea bags, and tea gifts. Their goal is to make the experience of drinking artisan tea more fun and interactive. They are committed to teas that are always innovative and premium quality, ensuring a truly memorable Art of Tea experience.

For many years the company has partnered with amazing cafes, restaurants, workspaces, and hospitality locations. They thrive on educating others about brewing, blending, and experiencing tea. They are passionate about maintaining sustainable business practices.

“We don’t take more from the world than we give back. We thrive on quality, transparency, and bringing people together through each delicious sip. We are Art of Tea.”

Steve Schwartz, Founder & CEO, Art of Tea

What Brings Art of Tea Joy?

According to the founder and CEO, Steve Schwartz, innovation and newness are key, “I love when we are coming up with ‘new’. I’ll leave it at ‘new’ because new means anything from a new process to new marketing angles, to sourcing of new ingredients to create new blends that we are crafting. I truly enjoy the process of keeping things dynamic, interesting, and I am always looking for ways that we can innovate as a team at Art of Tea. ‘New’ brings me joy for the sake of keeping things fresh and effective. It’s never about creating new or more work, rather it is a process of being relevant. It always brings me joy when we test something as a team and it works creating great energy across the board for both our team and in the feedback that we get from our customers. Sometimes it is little incremental changes and improvements that can return huge deposits of joy for me.”


Spreading Joy – CLOSED

Schwartz says spreading joy is about doing good and making connections, “We want to do well while doing good. People drink tea because it makes them feel good and because it is a way of connecting with themselves on a deeper level. Additionally, sharing a pot of tea with a loved one or a new friend establishes a way for people to bond with meaningful connection. We are constantly striving to offer products that can touch the lives of many people, which is in line with our mission. Our mission is that we want to craft a delicious experience and impact as many lives as we can through tea. Through that, we hope to bring copious amounts of joy into the cups of many.”

Spread Joy Giveaway


From October 4-10, tell someone how special they are by writing an e-card or tagging them on Instagram and you’ll be entered to win one of 100 beautiful Knack Spread Joy Day gifts worth $150+.

1. E-Card: send a Knack e-card to someone who brings you joy. Each card you send counts as an entry.
2. Instagram: Follow Knack and tag 3 friends who bring you joy.

Winners selected and notified on National Spread Joy Day, October 11th.