Girl Meets Dirt: 2019 Spread Joy Day Gift Set Partner

With every batch perfected by hand and simmered in copper pots, Girl Meets Dirt founder, Audra Lawlor, creates exquisite single varietal preserves, shrubs, and bitters made with heritage orchard fruit and old school preserving techniques. Once a Wall Street career-woman, Audra left the business world behind and started Girl Meets Dirt as part of her lifelong dream to put down roots on Orcas Island, Washington and create confections fueled by nature’s bounty.  

Girl Meets Dirt strives to make the highest quality, locally sourced, organic fruit preserves nature and careful crafting can provide focusing on the fruit and developing its full potentialPreserves are classically prepared with no commercial pectin—only fair trade organic, unrefined cane sugar, fresh lemon juice, and fresh herbs they grow in their kitchen garden.  

What Brings Girl Meets Dirt Joy? 

What brings Girl Meets Dirt joy? Audra says,“We love it when our preserves evoke a memory—a time and place of something special in someone’s life or history. We also love celebrating and breaking bread (and jam) and toasting (with shrubs of course) together. We love that we can make gathering together, one step easier for people. 

Spreading Joy

Spreading Joy is about celebrating, according to Lawlor, “It’s about breaking bread together; of opening a jar in the middle of winter and smelling the heady whiff of summer and all of us around the table going back to that place it compels in our memories—even if just for a moment. And then we toast together, bellies and hearts full. 

Spread Joy Giveaway


From October 4-10, tell someone how special they are by writing an e-card or tagging them on Instagram and you’ll be entered to win one of 100 beautiful Knack Spread Joy Day gifts worth $150+.

1. E-Card: send a Knack e-card to someone who brings you joy. Each card you send counts as an entry.
2. Instagram: Follow Knack and tag 3 friends who bring you joy.

Winners selected and notified on National Spread Joy Day, October 11th.