Jonboy Caramels: 2019 Spread Joy Day Gift Set Partner

In 2009, Jon Sue and Jason Alm came together with the idea of making the finest small batch caramels using the very best local ingredients available. They created Jonboy Caramels, an artisan confectionery company based in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Over the past 10 years they’ve grown Jonboy from a farmers market side business to a full-time gig. The company takes pride in using organic brown rice syrup (no corn syrup!) and organic cane sugar to create their caramels. It also sources as many ingredients as possible from the Pacific Northwest, including local cream and butter, seasonal berry juice, and local spirits. The result is the finest-textured, richest-tasting caramels ever.


What Brings Jonboy Joy?

For founder Jason Alm, joy is all about collaboration and keeping it local, “We love having the opportunity to collaborate with other local businesses to create flavors using quality PNW ingredients. This really makes us feel like we are part of a community of like-minded businesses. We also have the opportunity week after week to interact with our customers at special events and farmers markets and this gives us a chance to get one-on-one feedback about how we are doing.”

Spreading Joy

Making personal connections is how Jonboy spreads joy. “From the start, we have seen how our customers really appreciate the quality of ingredients we use to create unique flavors. Being a local company, our customers appreciate that they can find us at the farmers markets every week to get the freshest batches of caramels!” says Jason Alm.

Spread Joy Giveaway


From October 4-10, tell someone how special they are by writing an e-card or tagging them on Instagram and you’ll be entered to win one of 100 beautiful Knack Spread Joy Day gifts worth $150+.

1. E-Card: send a Knack e-card to someone who brings you joy. Each card you send counts as an entry.
2. Instagram: Follow Knack and tag 3 friends who bring you joy.

Winners selected and notified on National Spread Joy Day, October 11th.