Corporate Gifting Case Study: Easy Holiday Gifting with Movoto Real Estate

Choosing holiday gifts is hard enough even when you know the recipients—however lengthy and whimsical your kids’ wish lists may be, they can at least serve as inspiration for the gifts you actually give. When you don’t know your recipients, though, finding suitable gift ideas can be an added source of holiday stress. Every year, we help companies handle holiday gift-giving for their employees, using their unique criteria to create gifts that are authentic, generous, and memorable. Working with Movoto, we developed a private event solution that worked holiday gifting magic.

Gift #1: Popcorn Snack Medley

We met Robert Evans from Movoto Real Estate at the Inman Connect real estate conference in 2018. Although it was only July, Robert was looking for a new gift solution for the holiday party at Movoto’s headquarters in San Mateo, CA. He needed gifts for his employees and their +1s, making that familiar conundrum, “What do I get for someone I don’t know?” slightly more challenging. Plus, he wanted a varied selection that would allow his guests to choose their favorite gift, putting a personal spin on the whole experience. We strategized with Robert to create a custom, interactive gift selection experience that was easy to use and made each guest feel special.

The Client: A nationally-renowned online real estate brokerage is the second largest online real estate platform in the United States. They help customers buy and sell homes and learn about the features that are most important to their real estate search: local schools, demographics, crime and safety, and tips about the best places to live. Since their launch, the Movoto team has helped more than 100 million people search for homes, providing stellar customer service and market-savvy insights.

The search for a new home is a tremendously personal process, so Movoto’s brokers understand the value of meaningful experiences and genuine connection. It was no surprise that Robert wanted to reflect his brokers’ talents with thoughtful, personal gifts at the holidays.

Gifting Pain Points: Gifting for multiple recipients you don’t know

Movoto’s holiday party is a chance for employees and their guests to come together and celebrate another year. Robert knew it would be impossible to create a different, customized gift for each and every employee and their +1s, so he came to us with the following priorities:

  • Finding an easy way to do “batch” gifting for multiple people
  • Creating a selection of unique gifts to offer Movoto’s employees and guests
  • Gifts needed to stick to a per-person price range
  • Gifts needed to be convenient to give and to receive

Gifting Criteria: On-budget, creative, fun, and functional gift choices

Gift #2: Campfire Cocoa Candle & Artisan Chocolates

When Robert reached out to Knack to start brainstorming holiday gifts, he wanted to offer a selection of choices so each recipient could choose something they’d really enjoy. Knowing that these gifts needed to please his employees (smart, service-oriented real estate brokers), we helped Robert develop the following criteria for the gift assortment:

  • Well-made, contemporary items—no dated gift baskets here!
  • Useful gifts that look great and are easy to use
  • Family-friendly gift sets with treats for everyone
  • Gifts that fit Movoto’s per person budget

We ended up with six gift options that included single items, like a great travel coffee mug, and themed gift sets made with handpicked goodies like small-batch popcorn and gourmet chocolates.

Solution: An exclusive, virtual gift platform for Movoto’s employees

Holiday gifting for a growing company requires a tremendous amount of coordination and organization. Because we were offering so many gift options, we needed to ensure that every employee and their guest would actually receive the one they chose. Coordinating so many physical gifts in person would have been truly impractical for Movoto and guests alike; the potential for mix-ups and lost gifts was too great.

To streamline the gifting process, we designed an exclusive landing page for the occasion and assigned each recipient a personal access code. At the party, guests were invited to log in with their code, browse the six gift set choices, and select their favorite. Once they’d virtually “ordered” their gifts (at the party, or within a few days), we shipped them from Knack Headq

Gift #3: We Adore S’mores

uarters the next business day, sending the gifts directly to every recipient who’d attended the party.

This unique platform came with creative and functional benefits: it let guests enjoy the excitement of picking out a gift they loved, removed the inconvenience of carrying a package home from the party (there’s nothing sadder than a gift left behind in a taxi!), and allowed us to manage packing and shipping logistics with perfect confidence.

Outcome: Quick, easy holiday gifting for delighted employees

Movoto’s guests found their special gifting platform fun, exciting, and simple to use. 35% of attendees logged in to view and select gifts the evening of the event, and within 4 days, 96% of the recipients had made their selection. In total, we sent 52 gifts—all in a day’s work for Knack gift specialists, but a tremendous help to Robert and his staff, who enjoyed their party while the gifts practically gave themselves.

Is business gifting always on your to-do list? Does finding gifts for dozens—or even hundreds—of people sound like a task for a superhero? We don’t wear capes, but we can help. Contact a Knack account specialist today to make your company gifting a breeze.