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As a company that is continuously growing and evolving, Scorpion strives to make every employee feel valued for their hard work and dedication.

To honor employees, Scorpion contacted Knack to deliver employee anniversary gifts. Within weeks of collaborating with Knack, nine out of ten employees felt satisfied enough to share their custom gifts on their personal social media accounts.

CiJi Thompson, Scorpion’s Lead Training Manager, answered a few of our questions about Knack’s Business Gifting. Here’s what she had to say:

How did you find Knack?

I was doing some research online for a gifting service for our employees. We really wanted to find something that would help give some sort of customization to each person. It is important for us to try and make our employees feel special and having a generic gift for all didn’t seem to really do the trick.

What were your goals for your gifting program?

  1. To make our employees feel special with unique gifts catered to their liking.
  2. The ability to have a range of options that pertained to their budgets as each employee has a different budget for the number of years they have been here.
  3. Something that wouldn’t consume too much time on my end
  4. Something that looked higher quality and was on par with the newest trends
  5. Something that could have our brand showcased

Were you gifting prior to contacting Knack?

Yes, however it was very basic. Every employee no matter how many years, received a fruit basket. It was a nice gesture, but it didn’t speak to the individual and create a unique and caring feel.

Why do you think it’s important for you to gift for employee’s anniversaries?

With a company that is continuously growing and evolving, we wanted to make sure that every employee feels valued for their hard work and dedication.

How has the process for your gifting program with Knack developed?

It’s great. Having over 600 employees, we are able to collaborate with a rep and they curate boxes for our employees. It saves us so much time and yet delivers that customized feel that we were looking for.

What were you looking for in a company to assist with your gifting?

Similar to our goals, it was important for us to find a gifting company that allowed us to create more of a unique gift to our employees. Knack was a deciding factor since it showed you pre-made boxes, with the ability to customize the box even further.

Most gift box companies only let you choose exactly what was created, but the ability to remove and add items is magnificent. There is one other company who does something similar, but they don’t give you any ideas to start which makes the creation process very tough. Without a rep and a general idea, it can take countless hours going through all the products to create a single box.

Knack has made it very easy to feel like I am still part of the creation process, without bogging down too much of my time.

Additionally, being able to add our brand logo to the boxes made it a simple choice for us to work with them.

What have both you and your employees thought about your gifting program?

They LOVE it. I have never seen more social media posts of employees sharing their gift as they do now. We’ve been gifting anniversary gifts for 4 years now and 9/10 employees love their gift so much they feel compelled to share the love on their social media page.

If you’re lost when it comes to your own corporate gifts, we’re here to be your gift curators! Take your first step towards personal, quality customized gifts:  learn more about Knack today.