Quarantine Gifts & Quarantine Care Packages Are Suddenly a Thing

Since social distancing directives have been put in place because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, sending gifts to stay close and connected with friends and family has suddenly become de riguer and given rise to a  whole new gifting category: quarantine gifts. Keep reading to learn more about this popular new gift trend and how to create perfect quarantine gifts for your friends and family.

Quarantine Gift Trend #1: Awesome Home Office Essentials

Many people are now working remotely for the first time and wrapping their heads around the fact that #WFH might well be their new normal. You can help them adjust by sending a quarantine care package filled with accessories that make their new home workspace feel more comfortable. A pretty bud vase, as well as sleek pens and notebooks make great work-from-home gifts. You can find work-from-home gifts that you can customize here.

Quarantine Gift Trend #2: Spa Day, Everyday

The anxiety we’re feeling because of the coronavirus crisis is a lot to manage, so quarantine care packages that revolve around relaxation and stress relief are now more important than ever. You can’t send them to the spa, but you can send the spa to them. For a spa-themed quarantine gift that will make their day, think spa essentials like scented candles, calming bath salts, natural sea sponges, and soothing skincare products.

Quarantine Gift Trend #3: Survival Snacks

Let’s be honest, with everything that’s going on, we’re all doing a bit of stress eating these days. And we freely admit, we’ve embraced it! A quarantine care package filled with delicious snacks is exactly what the doctor ordered so go for a combination of healthy and sweet treats to strike a good balance. Throw in some coffee or tea to round out the assortment. 

Quarantine Gift Trend #4: Mindfulness & Self-Care

Mindful moments are the key to not focusing on scary words like “pandemic” and “quarantine”. That’s why a social distancing gift that cultivates mindfulness is an excellent way to inspire a positive attitude. Aromatherapy, mindfulness coloring books, and inspirational mindfulness cards with uplifting quotes and activities are all good choices for this type of quarantine care package.

Quarantine Gift Trend #5: Liquid Energy

Real talk! It’s hard to focus when there’s a pandemic (yikes, that word again!) going on. One way to stay motivated and focused during social distancing, is an energizing cup of coffee or tea. For the ideal liquid energy quarantine gift, pair a bag of artisan coffee with a stylish mug. Swap the coffee for gourmet tea if coffee isn’t quite their speed. Add in some decadent chocolates, caramels, or cookies and you’ll have them focused and buzzing in no time.


Quarantine Gift Trend #6: Family Distractions

Our hats are off to anyone with young children at home during the coronavirus crisis. These folks have to juggle doing their day job from home with deciphering online lesson plans for their kids, making meals (and subsequently doing endless dishes), staying on top of house work, drumming up family entertainment, etc. The list goes on and on. And it’s a lot! For this situation, a quarantine care package that provides diversions designed to engage the whole family is one they’ll definitely appreciate. Games and activities that the whole family can do together are good bets, as are family-friendly snacks.

More Social Distancing Gift Ideas

Need more ideas? You can find and shop Knack’s full collection of quarantine gifts and care packages here.