Smiling woman looking at gift products including bath salts, clutch purse, candle and champagne

As a startup, we’re constantly making adjustments as we build our brand. Some of these changes are behind-the-scenes tweaks crucial to helping our team work effectively, while others–the most exciting ones–are directly customer-facing, meant to make your gifting experience even more fun, efficient, and creative.

Once we found ourselves enjoying the afterglow of the 2016 holiday season, it felt right to celebrate a successful year. Ever find yourself eyeing a new outfit or daring haircut after you achieve a big milestone…or is that just us? Well, we went for it and treated KNACKSHOPS.COM to a total redesign.

We worked closely with our soon-to-be-neighbors (more on that later) Tectonic design studio. Our team agreed that we’d outgrown our old style, and needed something sleeker and brighter that would highlight the spirit of our brand. The Tectonic team created a new look for our website to capture the essence of Knack: fresh, modern, joyful, and dedicated to the thrill of gift-giving.

So what’s new?

Knack’s updated design lets our exceptional products and their stories shine. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, whether you want to shop a specific collection like Giftlets to find gift ideas for women, or explore our Seattle category for gourmet products and artisan gifts made in Washington. Every gift set and product includes a brief story meant to inform and inspire, and as always, you can simply click on any product or merchant name to learn more. Plus, you’ll notice that our gift sets have a sophisticated new layout, making it easy to see what’s in each one with just a glance.

How to Shop

Our gift-building experiences are as enjoyable and streamlined as ever. You’ll find a variety of ways to make a gift, but if you need some inspiration, start with Discover and Create, found in the header. Discover allows you to give any of our curated gifts your personal touch, great for last-minute gifting, finding gifts for people you don’t know well, or simply finding the inspiration you need to create the gift that says exactly what you want it to. Use Create if you’re the type with craftier inclinations (but limited time and/or patience) to explore product categories and build your gift from scratch. You’ll still be able to add, remove, or swap any product you want, choose a container, and write a gift message in your Knackbook as the final flourish.

No matter how you decide to build your next gift, we look forward to helping you create something you absolutely can’t wait to give. Won’t you check out our new design and let us know what you think?