We know you know this feeling: you have a moment to check your calendar during a full day of meetings, and you’re suddenly zapped with panic. That birthday party you committed to last month? It’s 3 days away, not next week as you’d thought.

custom gift builderOr maybe you’re a busy office manager–as soon as you put the finishing touches and final stamps on the company Christmas cards, you have to find a few gifts to thank your support staff for their phenomenal work this year. Plus, your boss just poked his head into your office to ask if you can send him some gift ideas for his extended family by the end of the day. That, not to mention all your other holiday shopping, threatens to make this season a little more stressful than you bargained for.

Make it stop!

It’s human nature, at least in the age of the internet, to want to point, click, and check out quick, quick, quick. But some things, like gifts, take more research or time–time you often don’t have.

When to use a gift concierge:

Seeing as it’s our job to anticipate that kind of thing–the last minute “I need a gift TOMORROW” frenzy or the “Oh no, what do I buy for ___?” conundrum–we love telling people about our free gift concierge service. It’s like having a personal shopper to consult when the gifting gets tough.

Here’s how it works:

Whenever you start feeling stumped on a gift, turn to our customer concierge or business concierge forms.

Submit a form for gift ideas in 30 minutes

Submit info about the gift you need, and receive 3 handpicked suggestions in 30 minutes.

Run out to pick up lunch, or check a few more emails while you wait, then prepare to be dazzled by multiple recommendations that suit your gift recipient to a T. Our gift concierges will contact you with suggestions, advice, and next steps within 30-60 minutes. All that, and all you had to do was fill out one little form!

More of a phone person? Call us at 206-557-4525 to hop on a call with a concierge and dream up the perfect gift in real-time together. This option works especially well for business gifters–chatting with a concierge can be quicker and more efficient than browsing, and you’ll get immediate answers to any questions about the products, packaging, and shipping that might cross your mind. (Plus, won’t it be nice to give your inbox a break for once?)

Tailored advice about your business gifts:

You know from reading our Business Gift Satisfaction Survey that no one wants branded company swag (kitchen cabinets across America full of mismatched travel mugs and lids are proof enough of that!). That doesn’t mean you can’t still make your mark, though. If you’re gifting on behalf of a company, brand the packaging instead of the items–whoever opens it will see your logo on the box and card, then be impressed by your perfectly-chosen gift inside. Our concierge can guide you through the process or help you complete your order if you’d like a more hands-off experience. And, as always, it’s completely free to use.

Here’s how to brand your gift in a way that won’t bore your recipient:

  • Add your logo: as you complete your gifts, you’ll have the option to upload your company logo. We’ll display it on the gift box, recipient message card, and the origami envelope, leaving no doubt who’s responsible for such a great gift.
  • Don’t forget to include a personal message! Our business gift survey respondents confirmed that the card is still just as meaningful as ever–recipients notice when you don’t sign your card (or send one at all!). A thoughtful, personal expression of your connection to your gift recipient does make a difference (and, we can only hope, your card will also inspire them to send a thank you note!).

Secrets of a gift concierge:

business gift concierges

Our gift concierges aren’t superhuman, but they do have a nearly supernatural ability for picking out gift ideas. They’ve cultivated an intuitive sense for what kind of gift will land exactly right with any recipient, and can tell you why the products inside will be meaningful.

When you work with a Knack concierge, you’re working with someone who’ll stop at nothing to learn about the purpose of your gift, your recipients–even you yourself. We’ll ask questions, hear your stories, and learn as much as we need to know in order to suggest items that really suit your gift needs. 

Plus, we do more than help you pick out products. Need assurance that a gift for a family with a sick baby will be delivered without disturbing a soul? We’ve done that. How about making sure a few dozen welcome gifts make it to the right units inside a massive apartment building? We know how to make it happen, because we know the execution of the perfect gift matters just as much as what’s inside.

Whether you consider yourself a practiced gift giver who just needs more hours in the day or are at a complete loss when it comes to gifting (and you know you can’t send a prepaid giftcard this time), our concierges can meet you at any level to guide you through the process.

So don’t be shy! Call, chat, or email us to contact a concierge directly, or submit a form to receive 3 handpicked gift ideas to get you started.

custom gift builder