The problem with group gifting–and a brand-new solution:

Some things are just better with help from a group: tug-of-war and synchronized swimming, to name a few. Another group activity that should be fun (but often isn’t!), is group gift giving. If you’ve ever attempted to rally friends, family members, or colleagues to coordinate a group gift, you know the experience can feel chaotic and ultimately unsatisfying, lacking the excitement of giving a carefully-planned present. Most group gifting websites focus on the challenge of collecting money online from multiple participants, while others provide easy ways to give gift cards or allow participants to contribute money for a gift the recipient chooses on their own.

We’re doing things a little differently.

Our new “Shop With Friends” group gifting feature:

Our new “Shop With Friends” feature is an engaging way to make a gift with a group online. It solves the most common group gifting problem–corralling the participants–but it’s more than a single-purpose solution. “Shop With Friends” revives the fun of gift giving by helping participants pool their ideas and comment on a gift as it’s being created, so everyone feels involved.

What makes “Shop With Friends” special:

We built this feature with a few beliefs in mind:

  • Organizing a group gift should be fun, not frantic.
  • Participating in a group gift should feel easy, fast, and creative.
  • It should be simple for a group of any size to create a special, thoughtful gift.
  • You don’t always need the group to contribute money–sometimes you just need a quick “What do you think?”

Shop With Friends is the group gifting experience that gives everyone a say. It’s more than asking friends, family, and acquaintances to chip in for a gift at the 11th hour–it’s a way to share ideas and quickly make decisions, while giving everyone the chance to enjoy the feeling of giving the perfect gift.

How to use Shop With Friends:

Your task is to create a gift on behalf of a group. They might be friends, family members who live far away, or other parents from your child’s soccer team–whoever they are, you’ll need their help! You can use Shop With Friends to involve everyone quickly, and get their feedback all in one place.

  1. Choose any gift set to edit or create your own from scratch on KNACKSHOPS.COM.
  2. Click “Get Started” on any gift to begin shopping with friends. If you don’t see “Get Started” you’ll need to sign in or create a new account to use this feature.

    How to start using the Shop With Friends group gifting feature on

    Click “get started” to start shopping with friends.

  3. Invite friends to participate! Enter each participant’s email address and write an optional message about the gift (for example: Mom’s birthday, Justine’s baby shower, Coach Garcia’s end of the season gift). We’ll contact them with all the invite details.

    Invite friends to view and comment on your gift. Don’t forget to tell them who it’s for!


  4. Pool your inspiration. Participants can leave a comment with their thoughts on the gift you’ve started (for example: Mom LOVES rose but hates mint, Justine already has 3 baby blankets, Coach Garcia would absolutely use a new travel mug). We’ll send you email updates when there are new comments you need to see!
  5. You can customize the gift, write the gift message, and schedule a delivery date as you would with any other gift. Simply check out when you’re ready to purchase.

Need some ideas? Here’s how you can use Shop With Friends for easy group gifting:

  • Enlist your siblings to help you make Dad’s ultimate birthday present
  • Have colleagues help you create a thoughtful gift for National Boss’s Day
  • Create a special teacher gift or coach gift, then connect with other classroom and team parents to get their feedback

We hope you’ll give this new feature a try for your next group gift and let us know what you think! We’d like to hear from you whether you love it or if you have ideas about how we can improve your experience. As always, contact us via phone, email, or LiveChat if you have questions about building your gift on KNACKSHOPS.COM.

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