If you’re local to Seattle, you know it’s been HOT (nearly 90° all week)! While there are other areas much hotter, Seattle is the least air-conditioned metro area in the U.S.

So how are we keeping cool? At Knack, we’re surviving with mini desk fans, open doors, and mid-day ice-cream or iced-coffee runs (S/O to our neighbor, Molly Moon’s!).

While it hasn’t been fun dealing with the heat, we’ve had a blast bonding over our mid-day treat runs. I mean, what’s better than an icy, creamy treat on a warm summer day with coworkers?!

Nothing! That’s why we decided to combine the bold taste of coffee with the richness of sweet ice cream. The end result? The most delicious affogato recipe that’s out there. We took a look at our merchandise and selected our favorite, local products to create a recipe worth drooling over.

The best part is how easy this recipe is! With only four steps, this recipe is bound to be a keeper.

Here’s how to make it:

Step One

The first step is simple – just choose your favorite ice cream and scoop it into a bowl.

We chose a Molly Moon’s original, Sweet Cream, and used our favorite scooper to serve it.

Step Two

After scooping the ice cream, pour freshly-brewed espresso into your bowl.

We used Caffe Vita’s Caffe Del Sol Espresso, because it has subtle aromas of dark chocolate and butterscotch – perfect for dessert! We’re all about the extra caffeine, so we poured about two shots of espresso into our serving bowl.

PS. In Italian, “affogato” means “drowned.” So go ahead, drown your ice cream in as much espresso as you’d like!

Step Three

Here comes our favorite part of the recipe – adding the chocolate! Grab a grater and shave enough chocolate to cover the top of your ice cream.

We used Theo’s Classic Chocolate Bar, which is a rich, dark chocolate. The dark, bitter tones balance out the sweetness of the ice cream to create a perfect pairing with the espresso.

Step Four 

Feeling fancy? Add a sprinkle of Jacobsen’s Organic Sea Salt to elevate your affogato!

Adding a pinch of salt will intensify the overall sweetness and complete the presentation (Did we just become master chefs?!).

Step Five

Yes, we said there were only four steps to our affogato recipe. But, we forgot about the most important step! ENJOY your affogato (and, if you’re feeling generous, maybe share it)!

Want to see a video of our affogato recipe being made? Check it out here: