Of course, how much you spend on the gift depends on your budget and the value of the relationship. That said, there is an etiquette to what will be perceived as a meaningful gift. In fact, 23% of the business gift recipients report having received a gift they considered “cheap” and which made them feel unappreciated.

Gift recipients nationwide report the following spending expectations of their gift givers:

  • Holiday gifts: $50-$100
  • Business milestone gifts: $100-$150
  • Birthday gifts: $50
  • Work anniversary: $50-$100
  • Promotion: Under $50

Interestingly, these expectations can vary significantly by region of the country. For example, recipients in the Northeast expect their business partners to spend $50 more on holiday gifts compared to other regions.  The 2018 survey found that recipients in the Northeast were also the most satisfied with their gifts overall, since they were twice as likely to report having received a business gift that was “truly unique” and two to three times more likely to report having received a business gift that included “an interesting story that they’ll remember.”

Here’s a look at business gift expectations by occasion and region of the US:



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