Luxurious Bathtub with Baudelaire Soap and SpongesBaudelaire is a 2019 Spread Joy Day Gift Set Partner

Baudelaire imports hundreds of unique bath products from all over the world. Founded by Joe Marks, Baudelaire, Inc. began introducing American consumers to some of the world’s best soaps and body care products in 1987. Baudelaire’s products are all cruelty-free, contain only the best, all-natural ingredients, and are devoid of harsh chemicals and animal products. The company is dedicated to supporting and encouraging the traditions of small, family-owned, artisan-based personal care businesses worldwide.

In addition to Baudelaire’s commitment to quality imported bath products, the company gives back to the community through product donations to groups working to improve education, healthcare, the arts, and the environment. They also support their employees’ active participation in local non-profit organizations, and focus on environmentally friendly business practices.

What Brings Baudelaire Joy?

According to the founder, Joe Marks, it’s all about the people and their stories, “I love working with creative people to develop attractive products. Sharing quality goods, and the stories behind them, with consumers who appreciate them. Providing jobs that are fun, relaxed and challenging, and joining forces with business peers to improve the opportunities for everyone in our local community.”

Spreading Joy

For Joe Marks, joyful customer and veFounder of Baudelaire, Joe Marksndor interactions are the key to spreading joy, “One of our company values that we ask everyone to meet is ‘Build partnerships with customers, staff and vendors’. I believe this approach creates the opportunity for joyful interactions. Our products meet this goal in two ways: They are joyfully given to others, and they provide the unequaled joy of a quiet, serene, pleasurable bath!”


Spread Joy Giveaway – CLOSED


From October 4-10, tell someone how special they are by writing an e-card or tagging them on Instagram and you’ll be entered to win one of 100 beautiful Knack Spread Joy Day gifts worth $150+.

1. E-Card: send a Knack e-card to someone who brings you joy. Each card you send counts as an entry.
2. Instagram: Follow Knack and tag 3 friends who bring you joy.

Winners selected and notified on National Spread Joy Day, October 11th.