Maybe you became friends on the first day of kindergarten, or when you were assigned to the same group project in high school French, or maybe on your first day of your first office job. No matter how long you’ve been friends, your friend anniversary is worth celebrating with cute gifts and surprises, even if you already pay your friendship regular tribute with TV and wine nights on the couch. Here are some of our best happy friendiversary gift ideas for your BFF.

‘Happy Friendiversary’ Gift Ideas That Can’t Fail

Friendiversary Gift Idea #1: Spa and Relaxation

You know how hard she works and you commiserate with her on the regular about your ultra-busy lives. That’s why giving the gift of relaxation is so important. You could give her a spa gift certificate, but we recommend an all-in-one spa experience gift set instead. She’ll not only be able to more easily fit the experience into her busy schedule, she’ll be able to use it multiple times.

Friendiversary Gift Idea #2: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

We all know the importance of a balanced diet, so don’t let her fill up on just one kind of chocolate. And treat her to the good stuff while you’re at it. Go with gourmet and artisan chocolates with layers of flavor and high-quality ingredients.

Friendiversary Gift Idea #3: Wine a Little

Was your friendship made over Malbec? Cemented over Chardonnay? Perfected over Pinot? Then a wine gift is always in order. Upgrade her glassware and bar accessories. Or set her up with everything she needs for the perfect wine picnic in the park.

Friendiversary Gift Idea #4: Mindfulness Magic

For when she’s had “one of those weeks” and needs a mental reset, go for a gift that supports mindful moments and creativity. Scented candles, tea, or a mindfulness coloring book all fall into this category.

Friendiversary Gift Idea #5: Creativity To Go

Cheerful notebooks and note pads paired with luxe pens and colored pencils are an ideal way to inspire your friend and help her stay at the top of her game in all her endeavors.

Friendiversary Gift Idea #6: All Things Travel

Whether she’s travelling for work or on a vacation to Europe, make sure she has what she needs to do it efficiently and with flair. Think stylish water bottles, passport cases, skin care, and multi-purpose mini bags to help keep her things organized.

Friendiversary Gift Idea #7: Gifts That Give Back

Is she passionate about children’s education, refugees, or supporting women entrepreneurs? Give her a gift built around a cause you know is close to her heart.

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