Timing is everything, they say. With business gifts, that’s true.

After all the work and expense you go through to thank your clients, partners and employees with year-end gifts, you don’t want your gift to receive less than full attention because it arrives at an odd time. In fact, smart business gifters plan their deliveries for maximum impact.

Here’s what that looks like for Holiday 2018…

Optimal Pre-Christmas Delivery Window: 11/27 – 12/18

You’ll want your business gifts to arrive before everyone takes off to spend time with their families. Given the mid-week Christmas this year, vacations may kick into high gear as early as the 20th. So allowing a day for your gift to get from the mailroom to their desk, you’ll want your gifts to arrive between 11/27 and 12/18.

Optimal Post-New Years Window: January 8th – 24th 

January has become a popular time for business gifts: January gifts have a nice “looking forward to another great year” air about them. But schedule January gifts to arrive no earlier than the 1/8/2019 this year for the most impact.  Everyone will be back in the office by then and all the pre-holiday goodies in the breakroom will have been long tossed in the bin.

The Golden “Office Gift” 2018 Delivery Date: Wednesday, November 28th

The holidays are the season when boxes of goodies start arriving in breakrooms all over the country, much to the delight of workers everywhere.  The Primary Recency principle tells us that humans tend to remember the first and the last events in a series better than they do the middle.  So if you’re sending gourmet food gifts to groups of colleagues, Wednesday November 28th would be a brilliant day for them to arrive.  It’s just long enough after Thanksgiving for that third-helping-of-pie guilt to be forgotten, but before the onslaught of homemade Christmas cookies begin piling up next to the office coffeemaker.