Our customers naturally gravitate to gifts that embody an experience.  Sunday Morning Pancakes, for example.  The individual items are delicious, but by putting them together they’re really creating something more powerful: the hope that the gift recipient will enjoy the paper and the companionship of family and the well-earned leisurely atmosphere of a day filled with nothing but possibility. Or a nap.

Just BreatheChardonnay StaycationBetter Than TherapyThe Carnivore’s DelightPicnic Under The Stars. Even without seeing them, all of these gifts evoke a particular mood and have a natural experiential component to them. We know that customers are drawn to gifts by their evocative images because they talk about it in their gift messages. Often the actual name of the gift is mentioned, even after the buyer has put their own fingerprint on the gift through changes and additions to the original example.

It turns out that this gut instinct to give an experience, not just “stuff”, comes from a deep place in our psyches.  According to Tom Gilovich, Irene Blecker Rosenfeld Professor of Psychology at Cornell, experiences yield more and better stories, become a bigger part of who we are, and connect us more to each other. So by taking the time to evoke an emotion, experience or situation with your gifts, you’re creating stronger long-term connections with the people you’re gifting to.

It’s not just personal gifters that take the time to evoke an experience; our business gifters do this as well.  For example, we helped a major bank send a gift of a hammock and a can of wine to twenty-five company CEOs with a message about taking time for themselves after a major accomplishment. That’s a nontraditional executive gift that will be long remembered, even when a CEO is watching her kids play in the hammock years later. 

Of course, our favorite customer gifts have always been the ones we don’t understand at all – the ones whose gift messages hint at inside jokes or shared past events and include a collection of items we wouldn’t have thought to put together. Those gifts extend the intense personal connection of shared experiences and epitomize gifting at its very best.

This is why we make every gift to order: yours.  Because building stronger societal connections through gifting can’t be accomplished any other way.