Move over, lavish coffee shops! There’s a new barista in town — welcome our newest (and most loved) products from Fellow! With high-quality craftsmanship and design, Fellow products make at-home coffee recipes a breeze.

Not only are Fellow products easy to use, but they produce the most delicious brews of coffee.

Follow along as we show you our favorite pour-over recipe:

Want a more detailed view? Here’s our step-by-step instructions:

Step One

The first step is a no-brainer if you’re using whole-bean coffee. Simply grind your favorite blend of coffee until the beans turn into smooth, small grains.

Pro-Tip: Try using Caffe Vita’s Organic French Roast! This blend is one of our favorites, because it has hints of silky caramel, dark chocolate, and sweet cherries.

Step Two

After grinding your beans, unscrew the bottom of your Stagg Pour-Over Dripper. The bottom of the dripper serves as a ratio aid, so you get precise coffee measurements every single brew.

Just pour your grinds to the indicated line on ratio aid and… Violà! The perfect serving!

Step Three

After getting a precise measurement, simply place the funnel on top of the pour-over dripper. Then, pour your grinds into the funnel — so easy!

Pro-Tip: Be sure to use Stagg Pour-Over Filters for a smooth, grain free pour-over. 

Step Four

When your grinds are in the filter, place the pour-over dripper on top of the Stagg Double Wall Carafe. The components fit perfectly together, so there’s no need to worry about stability (Thank you, Fellow)!

Step Five

Here comes the fun part! Slowly coat your grinds with hot water using the Stagg EKG Electric Kettle. Be sure to pour slowly, because your coffee will extract more flavors if you take your time. The whole process should take about three to four minutes.

Pro-Tip: Read why Fellow believes pouring is the most important component of the pour over process here.

Step Six

After a slow, consistent pour it’s time to remove the pour-over dripper from the carafe.

Simply remove the dripper and place it on top of the ratio aid.

Step Seven

Once the dripper is removed from the Carafe, it’s time to pour a delicious cup of coffee into a mug.

We served our pour-over coffee into Stagg’s Double Wall Tasting Glasses, which are specially crafted to have an outward flared lip, which delivers the coffee to your entire palate. This allows you to taste every flavor of Caffe Vita’s Organic French Roast (you’re welcome, coffee lovers)!

Step Eight

After pouring your coffee into a glass, get creative! Add creamer, sugar, flavored syrups, or whatever you’d like with your cup o’ joe!

Pro-tip: We added Gourmet Flavored Sugars, which include Milk Chocolate Shells, Hazelnut Blossoms, Pralines & Cream Fleurs de Lis and Vanilla Dogwood Blossoms. So tasty!

Step Nine

After being patient and diligent with your pour-over, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your coffee. So go ahead — curl up with the morning newspaper, snack on a biscotti, and sip away!

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