Gift Trend Sneak Peek

As the original innovators in the customized gift space, a vital part of our gift curation process is seeking out gift offerings that are on trend now and predicting future gift trends. Stocking au courant items helps you customize and personalize the perfect gift and our talented merchandisers spend long hours traveling, researching, evaluating, and making connections to ensure ‘just the right thing’ is there when you want it.

To find out the hottest gift trends our expert merchandisers are seeing in the marketplace right now, keep reading. You’ll find the latest in color, design, and must-have items that will help you with ideas for customized gifts.

Gift Trend #1: At First Blush

Yes, we’re still thinking pink when it comes to color trends. But this fresh new ‘pink’ shifts away from the ubiquitous millennial version and is decidedly blush at its core. You’ll find this whimsical color paired with warm cream and gray accents creating a calming neutral palette. Shop this trend: Tickled Pink, Calm Experience, and Travel Essentials.

Gift Trend #2: Color Pop

Splatter it, speckle it, pop it—the color burst gift trend’s energy is infectious. You’ll find these bright explosions of bold and neon colors in asymmetric and abstract applications that inspire creativity. Knack gift sets with this trend include: Greet The Day and Family Fun Pack.


Gift Trend #3: Face Time

Designers, artisans, and makers are all about putting faces on home decor and inanimate objects. These fun, stylized faces bring personality to pieces that might otherwise fade into the background. Shop this trend: Face Time.

Gift Trend #4: Nurtured by Nature & Elemental

This trend brings the great outdoors inside with manmade pieces that imitate nature. Think woodgrains, marble, and elemental metals as well as organically shaped objects like fruit, flowers, leaves, and animals. See Beautiful in BrassJust Breathe, and The Cheese Course.
And let’s not forget the ever-popular succulent as part of the manmade-item-imitates-nature trend. The cheerful, highly versatile plants compliment virtually any indoor or outdoor space with a broad color palette that ranges from deep jade and acid green to russet red and winey purple. Shop the succulent look in: Of Chocolate & Roses.


Gift Trend #5: Tech No

Putting your phone down has never been easier with this niche health and wellness trend that encourages you to disconnect from your devices to reconnect with others and yourself. Non-wired items that re-engage through play and self care dominate this gift trend, including relaxation candles, puzzles and games, CBD skincare, essential oil rollers, and self-help books. Shop this trend: Epic Family Game NightStaycation, and The Creative Type.


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