Why Should You Give Unique Client Gifts?

When it comes to business, gift-giving helps build relationships, keeps your company top of mind, and can be a creative way to show your clients you appreciate them. Gift giving during the holiday season is customary, but savvy givers should take advantage of other opportunities to show appreciation like birthdays, business referrals, company milestones, or a simple “we appreciate your business” acknowledgment given outside of a holiday gift to really stand out. No matter the occasion, your client gifts should strike the right balance between professional and unique, create a lasting impression, and stay true to your brand. Looking for personal assistance? Contact One Of Our Business Gifting Experts

How to Find Creative Client Gifts That Work For Your Business

If you’re ready to bid goodbye to boring corporate swag or the overstuffed, generic gift basket for good, we can help! We’ve learned that business gifts should be geared towards your business client (not your brand), have a unique story, and create a memorable experience.

Our collection of unique corporate gift ideas are pre-curated for every type of occasion and recipient, so you can confidently send the perfect gift to all your professional contacts from clients to colleagues with ease.

Here’s a few of our favorite gift themes:

1. Coffee Gifts

Does your client always come to meetings with a cup of coffee in hand? A coffee-themed gift set is a safe bet for a unique, thoughtful gift they’ll definitely use. Coffee gifts are extremely popular (especially around Christmas) because they’re useful, gender neutral gifts appropriate for everyone. And because they are used over and over again, they serve as an ongoing reminder of your relationship.  

Consider giving something for home that they’ll use on a daily basis, such as Café SocietyAn expertly curated gift set like this reminds your clients of your thoughtfulness for years to come.  


2. Gifts for the Great Outdoors

While some are content to sit comfortably in the great indoors, others are most at home when spending time outside. For these nature lovers and adventure seekers, we suggest a gift that acknowledges their interests to truly show you appreciate them: a gift for the great outdoors.

Our “We Adore S’Mores” gift is the perfect gift for backyard or camping fun. This gift has been a huge business gift hit since we launched it — Disney ESPN even used it as part of their Fall 2018 television launch.

The Just Chillin’ gift set pairs our popular 2-person Grand View hammock with a couple of sleek MiiR reusable Tall Boys stainess steel beer mugs and a bag of Smoky Hot Chipotle Wicked Mix snacks.

3. Family Gifts

Another creative gifting approach your company can take is to think outside the box with a gift that appeals to your client’s family life. If you know them well and it’s not too personal, give a gift that the whole family can enjoy.

What better way to bring loved ones together than a family game night? Our Gaming the System gift set includes a chipboard jigsaw puzzle, a colorful wood robot puzzle, a brightly colored deck of playing cards, a charades game, and a music trivia game. And what game night would be complete without sweet and savory snacks? That’s why this gift set also includes salted caramel popcorn, caramel and white cheddar popcorn, and individually wrapped salted caramels.

Our Popcorn & Movie Night gift set is perfect for families with older kids. If they love movies, this is the gift for them. Eat What You Watch is a cookbook featuring recipes from popular movies. We recommend selecting a favorite movie from the book, curling up on the couch with popcorn to watch it and leaving the cooking until the next day. We’ve included a microwave popper, two types of popcorn and white cheddar seasoning to help them have a tasty and fun evening.

4. Gifts For Travel & Office

Whether traveling, working from home, or catching up on business at the local coffee house, the Work From Anywhere gift set has everything your client needs to stay organized and connected. It includes a portable power bank with a charging cable, two USB charging ports, and one Micro-USB port. A beautiful notebook filled with charts and infographics, plus an equally unique 6 In 1 Tooling Pen that doubles as a spirit level, ruler, screwdriver, and stylus. A handsome leather cord wrap, handcrafted in Utah of top-grain cowhide keeps everything wrapped and organized when not in use.

 Our popular Office Essentials gift set includes a unique notebook, box of graphite pencils, leather cord wrap with snap closure, dark chocolate caramels from Sugarfina, and a double-walled Fellow Monty Cup does double duty as a coffee cup or a storage cup for office supplies.


5. Classic Food Gifts For Clients

One of the most popular gift choices for clients is a celebratory collection of gourmet food. Fruit baskets and baked goods are common corporate gifts for a reason–they’re easy to find, quick to ship, and will have something for everyone. Be thoughtful about how you choose to give food gifts, though! Many clients say they’re inundated with baskets of cookies, fudge, and popcorn at the holidays, and a little variety is a welcome change (think savory!). Whatever you do, don’t send an edible gift when your client is likely to be out of town–if they’re not home or the office is closed, your beautiful basket of fruit and cheese may spoil before they return. Finally, be thoughtful. If you’re sending a food gift for clients to share with their colleagues, keep in mind that there may be a range of tastes and dietary restrictions to satisfy, so it’s a good idea to include a wide variety of sweet, savory, gluten-free, and vegan options.

The Salami Sampler is a popular gift for thanking the office. They’ll enjoy four selections of salami including OLLI Salumeria’s Calabrese Salame and Toscano Fennel Salami, Salt Blade’s Seattle Stick pork salami infused with dark chocolate and coffee, and a savory vegan fig Salami from Hellenic Farms. We’ve also included three artisan crackers, classic mustard, sundried tomato dip and Virginia peanuts dusted with herbs and spices. A great go-to foodie gift that everyone can enjoy. Selection feeds up to 20 people.



Not sure they’ll love meat? Our Three Little Figs is the perfect choice. Paying tribute to the original fable, we’ve created a gift where each “little fig” has its own appetizer, and luckily, there’s no wolf huffing and puffing. This wonderful gift set is a welcome treat for anyone who loves succulent, sweet figs. The fig-based appetizer assortment features vegan fig salami, fig preserves with a hint of bay leaf, and fig and olive crackers. The tasty trio makes a wonderful presentation on the included slate cheese board.

Need More Ideas?

Visit our business gifting page for inspiration for your next client gift. Our experts can help you choose a great gift for the whole office during the Christmas season, or any time of year! You can even reach out to us personally or complete our onsite request for a consultation with a gift concierge–the best way to create a custom gift that represents your brand. Get A Free Consultation.