Creating an informal, personal connection with your real estate clients is ultimately the most important thing you can do for your client relationship. As a real estate agent, no one knows better than you that personal bonds boost referrals and bring clients back to you when they’re looking for a new home. The bottom line is this: your last connection with your real estate clients will be the one that they remember. If you are marking the completion of a sale with a gift, it needs to be more than a token that gets a passing glance. It must be a gift that represents your connection, a gift that wows. A well-chosen gift that tells your clients that you know them, they’re important to you, and that you care about their future in their home.

Why Give to Your Real Estate Clients?

According to the Harvard Business Review, “Research across hundreds of brands in dozens of categories shows that the most effective way to maximize customer value is to move beyond mere customer satisfaction and connect with customers at an emotional level – tapping into their fundamental motivations and fulfilling their deep, often unspoken emotional needs.” A gift that connects with your clients on this level helps you maintain a strong bond with those clients, and they will draw upon that bond when asked for a real estate referral in the future. 

Timing Is Key

When you give a gift, you’re giving a social connection that continues the relationship you’ve had with your real estate clients so far. You’ve provided a high-quality service to your client and your gift must parallel and exceed that quality of service. Moreover, it must do so at the right time, providing a touchpoint for your client and inviting them to extend that relationship into the future. Key times to give include:

  • A celebration. When your clients are celebrating the closing of a sale, this is the time to give a gift that reminds them of the customized service they’ve received.
  • A reminder. This gift brings back the celebratory feeling a year or more after the sale occurred, celebrating the anniversary of that sale and reminding your client of the exceptional service you provided.
  • A personal milestone for your clients. This brings your relationship closer, marking an occasion such as the birth of a child.
  • A thank you. Referrals from satisfied clients are gold. This gift lets clients know that you appreciate the fact that they’ve helped generate a new client relationship for you.

Unique Gift Ideas for Real Estate Clients 

As a top-tier agent, you pride yourself on customizing your service. Real estate gifts should not be knick-knacks that sport your logo. Just as you customize your service for the unique needs of your clients, you must customize your gifts as well. Key trends for customized gifts include:

  • Emotional experiences. These invite your clients to enjoy their home. For instance, giving the client who just purchased a luxury apartment a whiskey set to enjoy in his new media room allows him to envision and then experience the pleasure of using that set. When you give, consider what emotional connection you are giving.
  • A story. If you and your client have enjoyed discussions about your shared love of gardening, give a set of gardening tools and bulbs to enjoy in their new home. Write them a note mentioning when you realized this would be the perfect gift and why you chose these particular bulbs.
  • A delightful moment. This happens when your clients realize that you’ve gone all out – you’ve not just chosen chocolate, you’ve chosen the best chocolate with a handmade mug and high-end cocoa besides. They feel like you value them and you’re treating them to a luxury. The gesture makes them feel thankful for the fact that you’re continuing the social connection and they will be more likely to make a referral in the future.

How Gifts Speak to Your Real Estate Clients 

When you’re choosing gifts for your clients, remember that relationship is more important than anything. According to Inman, “It takes five times the amount of time and money to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one.” A well-chosen gift can: 

  • Keep a relationship in the present tense. You want clients to think of the realtor that they have, even if they’re not thinking of buying or selling – not the realtor they used once.
  • Remind your clients of who you are. A gift is not only personal to the client – it also reinforces who you are as a real estate agency and can bring back pleasurable memories for your client. 
  • Make geographic distances seem smaller. Even if your clients did not purchase a home in your immediate area, a gift reminds them that you are there for them, their friends, and their family members. 
  • Bring forward positive thoughts about your company. When your clients think about your real estate business, they won’t just think about the fact that you help people buy and sell homes: they’ll think about how you have an unparalleled interpersonal connection with your clients.

At Knack, we know you have many clients and you’re busy closing real estate deals for them daily. That’s why we’ve done the legwork to create the best gifting packages for your clients, whether you’re celebrating today’s milestone or tomorrow’s referral.   Learn more about Knack today.