We love gifting to celebrate life’s little wins. Whether it’s learning a new skill, running a 5K, or finally finishing a home improvement project, there are so many reasons to gift unexpectedly. That’s why we’re sharing some of our favorite gifts and unexpected occasions to spread a little joy and help celebrate life’s little victories. Check out our top picks for unique gift ideas and surprise them with a gift they never saw coming.

Reason #1: They Learned a New Thing

Learning a new skill is no easy task. Whether they became a baker, skater, painter, or music player, send them some “Way to Go!” gift boxes to show how proud you are. Make it personal by adding goodies that go with their new skill.

You Rock Gift Box

Way to Go! Gift Box

Reason #2: They Tackled a Home Improvement Project

So, they turned quarantine into an HGTV show — kudos to them! Encourage their handy wins with some more DIY-inspired goods and home accents like candles. For a unique gift idea, we recommend including some treats to sweeten the sentiment.

Mr. Fix It Gift Box

Taking Care of Business Gift Box

Reason #3: They Showed Up for Friends and Family

They are the glue that keeps everyone together (and this was no small feat in 2020/2021!). From initiating those weekly zoom happy hours to organizing the family photos, they deserve a show of gratitude for making life a little more meaningful for their friends and family. Send a “Thank You!” gift box or make it a fun and unique gift with something based on their interests, like a game night set or cheese board starter pack.

With Thanks and Gratitude Gift Box

Gaming the System Gift Box

Reason #4: They Focused On Their Health & Wellness

From running a 5K to getting those steps in every day, or even just learning to like salad, no fitness win is too small for a thoughtful gift box. We recommend outdoors-themed gifts, or you can go all out with a spa set to help their body recoup from all that exercise.

Just Chillin’ Gift Box

Bathing in Luxury Gift Set 

Reason #5: They Kicked A** at Work

They did it! Celebrate the #boss they are by congratulating them on that well-deserved promotion, new business venture, or new coding skill. A simple “Congrats!” gift will do, or add some personality with a special office-themed gift box you know they’ll love.

Congrats! Gift Box

The Future Is Female Gift Box

Looking for more gift recommendations? Head to our Celebrations Collection and Thank You Collection for more inspiration. Happy gifting!