Multicolored heart-shaped candies

Ask anyone how they feel about Valentine’s Day and you’ll find that most people fall into one of two camps: the “Have To’s” and the “Love To’s”. The “Have To’s” are the people who dutifully punched out paper valentines illustrated with cartoon characters and a half-hearted signature for every classmate in grade school, while the “Love To’s” were (and still are) thrilled to make elaborate handmade paper cards decked out with all manner of glitter and feathers. Our goal is to turn every would-be Valentine’s Day gift giver into a “Love To” with our collection of customizable Valentine’s Day care packages.

You won’t need your glue sticks, sequins, or bubblegum-scented markers, but we’ll make it easy and fun to create a romantic gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse, a Galentine’s Day gift for your bestie or a funny care package for a friend celebrating “Singles Awareness Day,” treat-filled valentines for kids, or a valentine-themed care package for a college student. You can customize any of our pre-curated care package, or browse our products to your own personalized Valentine’s Day gift box.

How to give heartfelt Valentine’s Day gifts they’ll actually love

custom gift builderWe won’t sugarcoat it; finding creative V-Day gift ideas is daunting at best. Do you pull out all the stops for a romantic night of the classics done absolutely right (fresh flowers, box of fancy chocolates, candles placed for optimal mood lighting…why, hello), or do you get personal, with funny Valentine’s gifts built around your inside jokes or thoughtful souvenirs from a place or activity you both love?

Whether you’re looking for a valentine for your other half, a family member, or a dear friend, remember this: it IS the thought that counts—and we’ll teach you how to make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone worthy of your love (or LUV, as it were).

Use what you know about your valentine as you plan their perfect present—if it’s classic romance that really makes them swoon, use these gift sets as inspiration for your customized Valentine’s Day surprise.

Perhaps they’re all about spending quality time together—date night doesn’t always have to be out on the town, after all.

  • Sweet On You Gift Set 
    • Too late to make reservations? Skip the crowded restaurant and share a pint (okay, maybe two) of your favorite ice cream with help from this sweet gift set. Enjoy Hot Cakes chocolate and caramel sauce to share, Simply Baked baking cups and spoons, milk chocolate hearts and a drip-free Kikkerland ice cream scoop–everything but the ice cream! 

      Ice cream sundae gift with Hot Cakes chocolate and caramel sauce with ice cream scoop and Simply Baked spoons

      Sweet On You Gift Set

  • Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set 
    • Our version of a Netflix & Chill care package has a little extra somethin’. If you’re planning a date night at home with your valentine, fancy it up with India Tree’s Paloma Blanca popcorn and a selection of Jacobsen Salt Co.’s gourmet salts. Scoop your fresh, perfectly-seasoned snack into an old-fashioned popcorn box and try not to blush when you reach for the same piece. 

      Paloma Blanca popcorn kernels, Jacobsen Salt Co. gourmet salt sampler, Simply Baked popcorn boxes

      Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set

  • Make Mine A Martini 
    • What fun is this holiday if things don’t get spicy? Heat up your Valentine’s plans at home and practice making a mean martini with a set of Riedel martini glasses, Addition’s Thai Green Chili Cocktail Spice, and Sable & Rosenfeld’s just-hot-enough Tipsy Fiery Olives drenched in vodka. 

      Martini for 2 gift with martini glasses, Thai chili cocktail spice, cocktail olives

      Make Mine A Martini Gift Set

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her & for him

Someone with very specific taste can be the easiest giftee of all—they’ve made it clear what they like, so you should be able to pick out something distinctive (because you’ve been paying attention so well!) Here are a few gifts for her we know she’ll love.

Valentines for her:

  • Dead Sexy Gift Set
    • Dusky mysterious florals, chocolate, and a touch of flirty pink lace? This gift set is blooming with ready-made romance. 

      Romantic gift for her with Cosabella Never Say Never thong, Tokyo Milk Gin & Rosewater perfume and hand lotion

      Dead Sexy Gift Set

  • Roses & Bon-Bons Gift Set
    • If a spa day sounds like a bit much, this rosy collection will be the next best thing. Handcrafted rose beauty products from Olivine Atelier and Herbivore Botanicals, blush-worthy LVX nail polish, and a few sweet treats are sure to make her smile. 

      Gift for her with rose body products, pink nail polish, and candy

      Roses & Bon-Bons Gift Set

  • Spring Zephyrs Gift Set
    • Appeal to your valentine’s sense of style and sustainability with a fresh-scented Paddywax soy candle and an eco-friendly cotton scarf handmade in India. 50% of the proceeds from Bloom & Give’s versatile, beautiful scarves benefit education programs for young girls across India–a gift with true impact! 

      Paddywax Urban Concrete soy candle with eco-friendly handmade scarf

      Spring Zephyrs Gift Set

Valentines for him:

  • Here’s My Card Gift Set
    • If he’s been dropping hints that it’s time to upgrade his wallet or keychain, this luxury leather duo will do the trick. Sophisticated yet understated, the leather card sleeve and keychain with stainless steel and nickel ring are both carefully handcrafted in Canada by Mike Zimmermann of A Word In The Woods

      Valentine's Day gift idea for him with handmade leather card sleeve and key fob

      Here’s My Card Gift Set

  • With A Kick Gift Set
    • If the Moscow Mule has always been his favorite cocktail, give him a chance to try his hand at his own recipe instead of going out for Valentine’s Day drinks. This gift includes two genuine copper Moscow Mule mugs, feisty Thai Green Chili beverage spice, and Cajun spiced peanuts–the ultimate bar snack. 

      Cocktail gift idea with Moscow Mule mugs, spicy Thai chili beverage spice, and Cajun cocktail peanuts

      With A Kick Moscow Mule Gift Set

  • Turn Up The Charm Gift Set 
    • In front of every great man is a great bow tie–that’s how the saying goes, right? Scrambled quotes aside, the sentiment rings true, especially thanks to this distinguished yet slightly playful Pendleton wool plaid bow tie. Present it with a split of Bocelli Family Prosecco to get a fancy date night started right. 

      Gift idea for him with handmade Pendleton wool bow tie and Bocelli Family Prosecco split

      Turn Up The Charm Gift Set

Galentine’s Day gift ideas:

Gifts celebrating romantic love may seem paramount on Valentine’s Day, but in the immortal words of Leslie Knope, “Galentine’s Day is ONLY the best day of the year!” More “just because” gift-giving among friends can only be a good thing. Rather than leave your friends out of the Valentine’s Day festivities, schedule a Galentine’s brunch or happy hour with your closest friends and celebrate their brilliance with thoughtful gifts that say, “Where would I be without you?!”

  • Pucker Up! Gift Set
    • Every party needs favors–especially a Galentine’s Day party. This cute set of Tokyo Milk Dark Cherry Bourbon Lip Elixir, sour gummi lips, and a couple of milk chocolate hearts is a darling offering for a girly get-together. 

      Small Valentine's Day gift with Tokyo Milk Dark Cherry Bourbon Lip Elixir and Valentine's Day candy

      Pucker Up! Gift Set

  • Singles Awareness Day Celebration Kit
    • AKA the ANTI-Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day doesn’t have to be as disappointing as it’s made out to be. This “all-to-yourself” gift makes a perfect care package for your single friends (or a great breakup gift); with a Prosecco split, a healthy dose of peanut butter and chocolate, and a witty “Pickups & Come Ons For All Occasions” book, it’s bound to lift their spirits even more than discounted chocolate on February 15th. 

      Funny Singles Awareness Day gift for friends with Bocelli Family Prosecco split, peanut butter chocolate heart and Knock Knock pick up lines book

      Singles Awareness Day Celebration Kit

Valentine’s Day college care packages:

We love the idea of sending a college care package for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re sending it to a crush, a friend, or a relative. On a holiday so often devoted to fancy gifts like jewelry and pricy wine, it can be much more fun, authentic, and thoughtful to create a care package from scratch to send to your favorite college student. As always, consider what they like and keep it simple: candy can be the star in one of these gift sets, but other sweet treats and creative accessories can make their day feel extra-special.

  • UR A QT Candy Care Package
    • The kid who LIVED for the haul of Valentine’s Day candy in elementary school will love discovering this care package in their mailbox. With 4 cans of classic candies (chocolate hearts, gummy bears, jelly beans and candy conversation hearts–of course), there’ll be lots of love to go around. 

      Valentine's Day candy college care package

      UR A QT Candy Care Package

  • Say It With Chocolate Care Package
    • Is a college student’s care package really a care package if it doesn’t include fresh-baked cookies? Not in our book. This chocolate-lover’s care package has handmade chocolate chip cookies from Seattle’s famous Hello Robin bakery, and plenty more cocoa-infused goodies worthy of any sweet tooth. 

      A chocolate lover's care package with chocolate, Rain City Crunch granola, BobbySue's Nuts, milk chocolate hearts

      Say It With Chocolate Care Package

  • Love Notes Care Package
    • Spell it out with a care package of surprises your student can use in class or at their desk for months to come. This gift includes a Grids & Guides notebook with 144 pages of grid paper in 8 designs, interspersed with a collection of charts and infographics, and a set of multi-hued colored pencils perfect for doodles or color-coordinated notes. 

      A creative gift for students with Grids & Guides graph paper notebook and Tutti Frutti doublesided colored pencils

      Love Notes Gift Set

Cute Valentine’s gift ideas for kids:

Don’t forget the little ones! Valentines for children are just as fun to create. Since candy in the classroom may be abundant, consider creative gifts besides sweets–think art supplies or small toys for a fun gift they can enjoy even after the holiday.

  • Eat Sleep Doodle Placemat
    • One of our favorite gifts for kids of any age, the Eat Sleep Doodle placemat and marker set is fully washable and reusable, and perfect for a little pre-dinner entertainment. 

      Eat Sleep Doodle washable cloth placemat with multicolored markers

      Eat Sleep Doodle washable cloth placemat for kids

  • The Frog Princess Gift Set
    • Webbed feet or no webbed feet, the kid’s royalty and they’ll never let you forget it. This valentine gift includes a crayon and notecard travel folio in a frog print waxed cotton pouch, a packet of pink heart stickers, sweet-tart gummy lips, and a sparkly crown that’s just their size. Swap colors and candy til this gift is perfect for a little prince or princess. 

      A Valentine for kids with handmade crayon and notecard holder, miniature crown, stickers and candy

      The Frog Princess Gift Set

No matter how you feel about February 14th (savor it or skip it), it’s hard to ignore the relationship between gift-giving and expressing affection. We return to these concepts again and again at Knack: the right gift can show your recipient how well you know them, emphasize how much you enjoy the times you’ve shared, and demonstrate that you’ve been paying attention to the things that make them light up with glee. After all, the best gifts are given out of sheer delight and affection, not obligation.

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