The Virtual Party Era Has Arrived

No doubt about it, nearly a year into social distancing with no real end in sight, we’re all really missing the common experiences and events we used to share with each other in person. Fortunately, being apart physically hasn’t driven these events and holiday traditions to extinction. Instead, they’re being reimagined, virtually. Keep reading for virtual party ideas for your next birthday celebration, family gathering, or holiday event. Our gifting experts have used our exclusive Gift Builder technology to curate eight custom Knack Virtual Party theme ideas designed to recreate some of the day-to-day in-person moments we’ve all been craving.

Virtual Holiday Family Game Night

Pour the cocoa, shuffle the trivia cards, and gather ’round the computer screen. This festive gift filled with treats and trivia will go a long way to making up for that in-person friend and family gathering you’re missing. If you’re feeling extra festive, spread the holiday cheer with a virtual Secret Santa gift exchange. And most importantly, don’t forget the marshmallows! Time required: Enough time for 2 rounds of trivia and to eat all the marshmallows. Build a great friend and family holiday game night gift here.

Virtual “I Win!” Pretzel Logic Challenge

This 70-piece puzzle is just the right amount of difficult to get your competitive juices flowing. After everyone is online, open your puzzle boxes at the same time and race to see who can finish their puzzle first. Perfect for virtual team building activitiesorganizations, work buddies, and hyper-competitive siblings everywhere. Time: 30-45 minutes, with generous time allowed for chatting, taunting, and munching Wicked Mix. Build a perfect gift for your puzzle challenge here.

Girlfriends’ Virtual Sleepover

For friends missing their BFFs, here’s a classic girls’ sleepover party…without the sleep! Don your face masks, open your snacks, and enjoy quality time together courtesy of the Girls Night In Trivia Game. Time required: How long do you have? Create a gift for your virtual sleepover here.

Extended Family Virtual Tea Party

The kids not visiting grandma and grandpa this holiday? Has it been a while since the extended family got together? Or just missing your favorite families from the soccer team? Have fun getting reacquainted over video chat with this family-friendly “Do You Know Me” trivia game, best enjoyed with tea, cookies and those you miss. Time required: As long as it takes to spill the tea. You can use Knack’s Gourmet Gift Builder to create this gift for your next tea-inspired virtual holiday party.

Virtual Indoor S’mores Party

While cooking marshmallows over a candle is going to take a bit longer than over a roasting firepit, on the bright side, you won’t be eaten by mosquitoes! And thankfully these candles are made of natural coconut-apricot wax with an ever so slightly smoky scent of chocolate, marshmallow, and hazelnut, so your indoor s’mores party will still smell like the campfires of old and you won’t be exposed to any nasty paraffin smoke. Bring a scary story or two to share, and you’ve got everything you need for a memorable evening! Time required: Time for s’more! (You totally saw that pun coming, didn’t you.) Just add one of our Campfire Candles to our We Adore S’mores gift set and you’re good to go.

Virtual ‘Which Would You Choose?’ Get-To-Know-You Party

How well do you really know your friends? Do you know if your loved ones would rather be trapped in a room full of snakes or a room full of spiders? Here’s how to find out. Pop open this clever little tin of question cards that present the hilarious dilemma of “which would you choose?”—a fun party game idea for friends, virtual team building, or party guests. Of course every attendee will need snacks and beverages for this highly educational virtual event. Time required: How much do you really want to know? Put together the ideal get-to-know-you virtual party gift here.

Virtual New Year’s Party

For siblings, friends, and loved ones you haven’t seen in far too long, here’s the perfect way to toast the holiday season from more than six feet apart. Enter the new year with a virtual celebration—just remember not to clink your glass against the monitor too enthusiastically! Time required: Until the clock strikes midnight. Use our Celebrations Gift Builder to create a toast-worthy gift to remember, and find more virtual celebration ideas for your next holiday gathering, birthday party, or virtual happy hour.

Virtual Pop Culture Night

Pop some corn, pop a peppermint truffle in your mouth, and get ready to show off your pop culture acumen to your party guests with this virtual party game. This idea is great for families, friends, and happy hours with your remote team. Time required: 1-2 hours or as long as it takes to WIN!

For more virtual party ideas and to build the perfect gift to get the party started, check out all of our Gift Builders.