You need only open an app or an internet browser to realize that it’s easier than ever to find, order, and ship an incredible gift to someone special. But with this ready plethora of products comes an important question: how can you make sure you’re shopping ethically and supporting businesses whose values align with your own? We come across dozens of giftable products every day. If they’re going to join the Knack lineup, we like to make sure there’s something special that sets them apart, like a give-back mission with real, tangible impact–after all, a commitment to giving is at the heart of everything we do.

As Giving Tuesday rolls around this year, we’ve been reflecting how these days, it’s not only meaningful but essential to put your money where your values are and support businesses that, in turn, support their local and global communities. That’s why we work with exceptional companies committed to reducing waste, empowering women, small scale artisans, and disadvantaged communities, and making positive environmental change.

Here are five of our merchant partners who’ve set out to amplify their impact in the world:


It’s one thing to donate money or purchase from a company that gives back, and another to see the effects of your giving in action. MiiR takes customer philanthropy a step further with their Product to Project ™ movement that gives 3% of revenue to their partner organizations. Each sale funds a trackable giving project: when the proud owner of a new MiiR product registers the “Give Code” that comes with their order, they’ll receive updates, GPS coordinates, and photos of the active service project they’ve helped to fund. To date, MiiR, their giving partners, and customers have completed over 40 clean water, health, and safety projects across the globe. Celebrating the mentality of “every drop counts,” their efforts have empowered the lives of more than 100,000 people from Honduras to Nepal and beyond. We share our hometown of Seattle with MiiR, and while it’s always fun to showcase a neighbor, they’re one of our favorite “give-back” merchants both for their mission and creative approach to giving transparency.

Prosperity Candle:

The future is bright for Prosperity Candle. This socially-minded startup in western Massachusetts supports women refugees from global regions of conflict like Burma, the Congo, and Bhutan, by giving them tools and training to become entrepreneurial, self-sustaining artisans. Their creation of choice? Candles. These sustainable soy candles are hand-poured into gorgeous reusable vessels, and each one features the name of the woman who created it on an included label or story card. On the Prosperity Candle website, customers can learn their candle-maker’s story and reach out directly to send her a personal message. As a fair trade organization and Certified B-Corporation for community and environmental sustainability, Prosperity Candle has been recognized as a Best for the World small enterprise for two years running, and they show no signs of stopping. Once a woman has finished her apprenticeship with Prosperity Candle, she has the job experience, resources, and support to continue her employment there, launch her own business, or pursue an education.

Seattle Chocolate:

With amazing chocolatiers everywhere, we have our pick of incredible gourmet chocolate gifts. But to make things even sweeter, we turn to Seattle Chocolate–another of our neighbors who also happen to be a powerhouse of delicious, generous giving. They prioritize non-GMO ingredients, including Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa that guarantees ethical, sustainable farming practices, and strive to collaborate with small-scale farmers and producers to source the best possible ingredients. In addition to delighting chocolate lovers with their unique, refined flavors, Seattle Chocolates also gives back with every bite through their jcoco brand and #chocolatefightshunger campaign. For every jcoco bar sold, Seattle Chocolate donates a serving of fresh food to those in need through food banks in Washington, California, and New York.

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Responsible hydration is more than just remembering to drink your 8 glasses of water a day–what you drink them from matters too. Memobottle’s founders grew up on the beautiful beaches of Australia, but were dismayed to see wave after wave of single-use plastic water bottles showing up on their favorite shores. They knew a better bottle would be the key to changing how people think about water consumption, so they set out to create a reusable water bottle that people would want to use. They launched their #onebottlemovement with a multi-faceted approach: more than 60% of their materials are from suppliers with environmental or social certification, and between 75-99% of their products use renewable or recyclable materials, earning memobottle their status as a Certified B-Corporation–in other words, a business as a force for good. While transparency, sustainability, and positive environmental impact are tenets of memobottle’s business model, their thoughtful approach doesn’t stop there. Through their partnership with, memobottle helps support people in developing countries with clean drinking water–every memobottle product sold provides one person with two months of clean, safe, healthy drinking water.

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Ethics Supply Co.:

As far as Ethics Supply Co. is concerned, the smell of adventure is the smell of generosity. Their handcrafted and ethically-sourced candles and soaps are made with sustainable ingredients designed to capture the aromas of the great outdoors, from misty coastal trailheads to desert sunsets. We admire them not only for their craftsmanship and creativity, but for their product-specific give-back missions through partnerships with organizations like Mending the Sacred Hoop and Team One Spirit, which support Native American communities. As their business grows, so does their philanthropy: Ethics Supply Co.’s newest venture will support homeless and disadvantaged children and their parents with wilderness education and adventure programs.


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